Christie Abbott

Welcome to the unofficial Christie Abbott fan club.

Christie is best known for her role as Sam on the acclaimed Wishbone children's series.

Christie is easily the best actress in the whole Wishbone series (with all due respect to all the actors)!

I want to make this web page better. If you have any information about Christie, please send it to me! Send me pictures, send me audio or video clips of her commercials, send me anything you have on Christie, and I will publish it here! Thank you!

News 2010-07

Christie can be found on Facebook by following this link.

News 2001-02

Christie's first movie role was one of the bridesmaids in "Dr. T and the Women", which was released in October 2000. Unfortunately, this is a really bad movie. Watch for this movie on video, if the studio dares to release it. Words like "stupid" and "cockamamie" are just right for this movie. It is unfathomable how they got all those big-name stars. Make sure you use your rent-one-get-one-free coupon, because I'm sorry to say, it is NOT worth the $3.99, even to see Christie. If you do take the plunge, you can glimpse Christie 4 or 5 times in the background of the bridal shower, dress-fitting, and wedding scenes; she is dressed in light blue every time. Christie looks absolutely gorgeous with her long wavy hair. It's about time Christie got her big break!

I also saw Wishbone's neighbor Wanda playing one of the receptionists; she even had one line (telling somebody not to smoke in the waiting room).

News 2000-08-30

Christie made it to the final callback for the role of Violet in the movie "Coyote Ugly" but got bumped from the role when producers found out she was only 17 years old... That would have required hiring teachers and such on the set, so they bumped her and selected Piper..

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