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In approximate chronological order of issue.

Mad House Comics #111, 1978-02
A pseudo-R2 and 3PO on the cover
Cherry #7, 1988 (Last Gasp / Larry Welz
adults only! Contains a SW parody subtitled "Space Cookie"
Cherry Collection #3, 2002
adults only! Hardcover collection of Cherry comic books 7-9.
Samurai Cat, 1991-09
SW parody
Superboy Annual, 1997
Natives on the island make arguably SW-related noises; the ending of the story mentions ESB and ROJ.
Star Warras [Spain], 1999
adults only! 68 pages
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "The Long Way Home Part II", 2007
One of the characters talks about how Lando's outfit blew the realism of 'Star Wars' for him. He could believe Ewoks, but he just couldn't buy that a leader of anyone would wear *that* outfit!


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