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Famous Star Wars Collectors

This is a list of famous people who are also Star Wars collectors. My definition of "famous" may differ from yours, but feel free to suggest additions to this list, with explicit references.

Ben Affleck (actor)
John Barrowman (actor)
Paddy Considine (actor)
Alice Cooper (rock singer)
Is rumored to have attended Celebration 1 in Denver (see
Leonardo DiCaprio (actor)
Sold off a lot of his vintage stuff in the early 2000's?
Kevin Feige (movie producer and president of Marvel Studios)
Sean Patrick Flanery (actor)
Jeff Foxworthy (actor)
Jorge Garcia (actor)
Seth Green (animator)
Oliver Korritke (German actor)
See his IMDB biography
David Mandel (writer for "Seinfeld")
Colin Mathura-Jeffree (NZ TV actor)
Brian May (rock guitarist)
See and
Simon Pegg (actor)
Pink (pop singer)
Not a collector per se, but reportedly she takes her childhood SW toys along wherever she travels.
Norman Reedus (actor)
Jonathan Ross (actor)
not just Star Wars
Michael Rosenbaum (actor)
Cristian Slater (actor)
Referenced in Dec. 1994 "Playboy" magazine, and Jan. 1995 "The Face" magazine. Also see
Rick Springfield (rock singer)
See and
Jeordie White, aka Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson's bassist)
Collects autographs and toys. See
Andrew White (The Kaiser Chiefs guitarist)
See this Star Wars blog entry
Elijah Wood (actor)

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