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Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc.

  500 FORBES BLVD, SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94080; (415) 952-1678

Unfortunately, Galoob uses the same product number (printed on the package) for multiple different products. When possible, included here in parentheses are the last 5 digits of the UPC for clarification.

Action Fleet vehicles and playsets.
66989 Action Fleet Rancor monster Featuring Gamorrean Guard & Luke (Jedi) 1997-02
66990 Action Fleet Virago Featuring Prince Xizor & Guri 1997-02
67027 SW ACTION FLEET 4 PACK [white box sold by Spiegel]
67030 wholesale assortment of SW Action Fleet sets
67030 (66991) X-wing squadron colors Featuring Wedge Antilles & R2 unit 1997-05
67030 (66992) Y-wing squadron colors (red) Featuring Gold Leader & R2 unit 1997-05
67030 (66993) A-wing squadron colors (green) Featuring Rebel Pilot (green) & Mon Mothma 1997-05
67030 (66994) Action Fleet B-wing Featuring Rebel Pilot & Admiral Ackbar
67030 (66995) Action Fleet TIE fighter Featuring Imperial Pilot & Grand Moff Tarkin 1997-05
67030 (66996) Action Fleet Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car Featuring Cloud Car Pilot & Lobot 1997-05
67030 (66997) AF Y-wing squadron colors (blue) Featuring Blue Leader & R2 unit
AF X-wing squadron colors Featuring Jek Porkins & R2 unit
67030 (67014) Jabba's Sail Barge 1998-11
67030 (67031) Action Fleet X-wing with Luke & R2-D2
67030 (67031) same, with collector's serial number printed on blue sticker (only 2500 made)
67030 (67032) Action Fleet Darth Vader's TIE fighter with Lord Darth Vader & Imperial Pilot
67030 (67033) Action Fleet AT-AT with Imperial Driver & snowtrooper
67030 (67033) same, with collector's serial number printed on blue sticker (only 2500 made?)
67030 (67034) Action Fleet A-wing with C-3PO & Rebel Pilot
67030 (67035) Action Fleet Tydirium with Han & Chewie
67030 (67036) Action Fleet snowspeeder with Luke (X-wing) & Rebel Gunner
67039 sandcrawler with Jawa & scavenger droid 1996-09
67040 Action Fleet Y-wing with Gold Leader & R2 unit 1996-09
67041 Action Fleet Slave I with Boba Fett & Han (and carbonite block box) 1996-09
67058 Action Fleet TIE Interceptor with 2 Imperial Pilots [one with removable helmet) 1996-09
67059 Action Fleet TIE bomber with Imperial Pilot & Imperial Naval Trooper 1997-02
67030 (67100) Millennium Falcon with Han Solo (wearing jacket) & Chewbacca 1998-01
67030 (67101) Rebel Blockade Runner 1998-01
67030 (67102) Incom T-16 Skyhopper 1998-01
67030 (67103) Imperial landing craft with Sandtrooper & Imperial Officer 1998-01
67030 (67105) TIE Defender 1998-11
67030 (67106) E-wing Starfighter 1998
67077 Action Fleet 2-pack [landspeeder, AT-ST, Luke, Ben, Imperial Driver, and stormtrooper] (exclusive to Kay-Bee Toys?) early 1996
67098 LUKE'S X-WING FROM DAGOBAH SWAMP [exclusive to ToyFare magazine and Lucasfilm Fan Club] 1998-09
68130 (68131?) naboo fighter 1999-05-03
68130 (68132) Trade Federation MTT Featuring Battle Droid 1999-05-03
68130 (68133) Sebulba's Pod Racer Featuring Sebulba 1999-05-03
68130 (68134) Republic Cruiser Featuring Qui-Gon Jinn 1999-05-03
79041 (68135) Trade Federation Droid Fighter Featuring Daultay Dofine 1999-09
79041 (68136) Gungan sub Featuring Qui-Gon Jinn 1999-09
79041 (68139) Anakin's Podracer Featuring Anakin Skywalker 1999-09
Sith Infiltrator
Trade Federation Tank
Droid Control Ship
queen's royal starship
Trade Federation landing craft Featuring battle droid
Action Fleet playsets.
67090 wholesale assortment of action fleet playsets
67091 Ice Planet Hoth Action Fleet Set [includes damaged snowspeeder, hogtied AT-AT, wampa, 2-1B, tauntaun, Leia Hoth, Han Hoth with legs spread, Luke Hoth, pilot] 1996-08
67092 The Death Star Action Fleet Set [includes damaged Vader's TIE, Vader withred saber and removable helmet, stormtrooper, ERG, Emperor, gunner, TIE pilot, probot] 1996-08
67093 Yavin Rebel Base Action Fleet Set [includes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa (all three ceremonial), Rebel Sentry, Wedge, black R2 unit, X-wing (damaged red 2)] 1997-05
68120 (68121) Mini Scenes #1: STAP Invasion 1999-05-03
68120 (68122) Mini Scenes #2: Destroyer Droid Ambush 1999-05-03
68120 (68123) Mini Scenes #3: Gungan Assault 1999-05-03
68120 (68124) Mini Scenes #4: Sith Pursuit 1999-05-03
Mini Scenes #5: Federation Raid
Mini Scenes #6: Throne Room Encounter
Mini Scenes #7: Watto's Trading
Mini Scenes #8: Generator Core Duel
68155 (68156) Pod Racer Hangar Bay 1999-05-03
68155 (68157) Mos Espa Market 1999-05-03
68180 Limited Edition! Gian speeder & Theed Palace featuring Captain Panaka, Naboo foot soldier [sic], battle droids (2) 1998-11
79005 ROYAL STARSHIP REPAIR Queen's battle-damaged transport with interior communications center! 1999-08
79084 AF NABOO HANGAR -- FINAL COMBAT Fighter hangar with Jedi-Sith battle scene! 1999-08
Action Fleet Battle Packs. One "normal" Action Fleet vehicle (or creature), and several figures.
68010 wholesale assortment of action fleet battle packs 1996-09
68011 Action Fleet Battle Packs #1: REBEL ALLIANCE. SPEEDER BIKES (2), Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker [riding pose], Princess Leia Organa [riding pose], Yoda, Rebel Trooper [ANH], Echo Base Trooper 1996-09
68012 Action Fleet Battle Packs #2: GALACTIC EMPIRE. IMPERIAL AT-ST (CHICKEN WALKER), AT-ST Assault Pilot, Scout Trooper, Lord Darth Vader, Sandtrooper, Royal Guard 1996-09
same, without Royal Guard 1996
68013 Action Fleet Battle Packs #3: ALIENS & CREATURES. BANTHA With Poseable-Action Figures Tusken Raider (sitting), Gamorrean guard, Bib Fortuna, Brea Tonnika, Ponda Baba
same, without Ponda Baba [photo] 1996-09
68014 Action Fleet Battle Packs #4: IMPERIAL HUNTERS. DEWBACK With Poseable-Action Figures Sandtrooper, Boba Fett, Greedo, Bossk 1996-09
68015 Action Fleet Battle Packs #5: SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE. two swoops, dash rendar, jix, chewbacca, guri, leebo, xizor 1996-09
68016 Action Fleet Battle Packs #6: DUNE SEA PACK. DESERT SKIFF With Poseable-Action Figures Boba Fett, Nikto, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker [Jedi], Han Solo [no vest] 1997-02
68010 (68017) Action Fleet Battle Packs #7: DROID ESCAPE. ESCAPE POD With Poseable-Action Figures R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, Sandtrooper, Darth Vader 1997-02
68010 (68018) Action Fleet Battle Packs #8: DESERT PALACE. JABBA THE HUTT With Poseable-Action Figures Princess Leia (Boushh Disguise), Ishi Tib, Princess Leia [slave, sitting], Lando Calrissian [skiff guard], Sy Snootles 1997-02
68010 (68035) Action Fleet Battle Packs #9: ENDOR ADVENTURE. HANG GLIDER & SPEEDER BIKE With Poseable-Action Figures Luke Skywalker [poncho, sitting], Scout Trooper, Wicket W. Warrick [spear], Rebel Trooper, Ewok (holding rock) 1997-06
68010 (68036) Action Fleet Battle Packs #10: MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT. RONTO With Poseable-Action Figures Luke Skywalker [Tatooine], Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jawa [left arm pointing], Dr. Evazan, Garindan 1997-06
68010 (68037) Action Fleet Battle Packs #11: CANTINA ENCOUNTER. LANDSPEEDER With Poseable-Action Figures Obi-Wan Kenobi, Figrin D'an, Muftak, Han Solo, C-3PO 1997-06
68010 (68090) #12: Cantina Smugglers & Spies. [Lak Sivrak, Duros, Labria, Advozsec, Momaw Nadon, Arcona, Wuher, Nabrun Leids] 1998-05
68010 (68091) #13: Hoth Attack. [Tauntaun (with open belly), Wampa (holding meat), General Veers, Luke Skywalker (curled up half-dead), Han Solo (legs wide), Tauntaun (standing), Snowtrooper] 1998-05
68010 (68092) #14: Death Star Escape. [General Tagge, Admiral Motti (choking), Luke Skywalker (stormtrooper), R2-D2, Princess Leia, Han Solo (stormtrooper), Obi-Wan Kenobi (with hood and blue lightsaber), Darth Vader] 1998-05
68010 (68093) #15: Endor Victory. [Yoda (glow-in-the-dark), Obi-Wan Kenobi (glow-in-the-dark), Anakin Skywalker (glow-in-the-dark), Ewok (playing helmet drums), Luke Skywalker (touching black glove), Princess Leia (fatigues and cape), Han Solo (trench coat), Chewbacca (two-tone paint job)] 1998-05
68010 (68094) #16: Lars Family Homestead. [with angular black landspeeder, Owen, Beru, Luke, EG-6, and jawa] 1998-11
68010 (68095) #17: Imperial Troops. [speeder bike, 2 biker scouts, stormtrooper, snowtrooper, and sandtrooper] 1998-11
68010 (68096) #18: Rebel Troops. [Echo base soldier, Endor trooper, X-wing pilot, Y-wing pilot, Y-wing gunner, and 2 Rebel troopers] 1998-11
Action Fleet Classic Duels. Two action fleet vehicles and 4 figures.
68300 (68301) TIE Fighter vs. X-wing Starfighter 1997-12
68300 (68302) TIE Interceptor vs. Millennium Falcon [exclusive to Toys'R'Us?] 1997-11
Other Action Fleet items
Galactic Battle [description from a Galoob press release] A set of two "pewter" finish Action Fleet vehicles -- Darth Vader's TIE Fighter with Vader and Pilot, and X-wing Starfighter with Luke and R2 -- made exclusively for the Japan retailer "ZAAP! Section". Each is numbered and is one of just 3000 produced only for the Japan market. Approximate retail selling price in Japan: $38. 1997


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