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Note: I will not be updating the contents of this page after 2013-01-01.

Kenner/Hasbro 1995 to present

All information on these pages has been personally verified by me; in other words, every item listed on this page I have seen with my own eyes. But the action figure information changes faster than I can keep up with it. You might want to check out specialized "POTF2" websites if you want more detail. In particular, you may notice that I am NOT interested in variations on the figures themselves, only major packaging variations.

Product numbers of unreleased items are tentative.

Because of the sheer number and complexity of the products made by Kenner/Hasbro, the following listings are grouped into subsections by type of product.

1995-present individually-carded action figures

1995-present boxed action figure sets (includes Complete Galaxy)

1995-present large action figures (Epic Force, Collectors Series, and Action Collection

1995-present vehicles, playsets, and other toys (includes Buddies)

Attacktix toys

Fighter Pods toys

Galactic Heroes toys

Titanium Series Die-Cast toys

other 1995-present SW-related product numbers

SW Jedi Quest Kids Club material

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