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Just Toys, Inc.

  NEW YORK NY 10010

Bend~Ems bendable poseable rubber figurines, avg 4" tall; each individually carded figure includes one lettered Topps SW Galaxy trading card as indicated; first release 1993-08; SRP $3.00

Here is a description of package variations for individually carded figures, in approximate order of release / appearance in stores:

SWB code character name lettering item number position yellow starburst on front photo(s) on reverse plastic bubble shape
8A small over character name "Limited Edition" printed on card 8 separate light blue photos shaped to figure
8B " lower right corner " " "
8C " " "Limited Edition Trading Card" sticker " "
8D large " "Limited Edition Trading Card" printed on card 8 separate purple photos "
8E " " no starburst, no trading card " "
8F " " "Limited Edition Trading Card" sticker " "
12A " " "Limited Edition Trading Card" printed on card 12 separate purple photos "
12B " " " " square oversize
20A " " " 1 blue photo of 20 figures and Vader head case shaped to figure
20B " " " " square oversize

prod. # product name [description] backing card / trading card combinations known
8A 8B 8C 8D 8E 8F 12A 12B 20A 20B
12361 Lord Darth Vader [vinyl cape; no lightsaber] [card A] A A A A yes A A, Y, Z, AA
12362 C-3PO [card B] B B B B yes B B
12362 C-3PO [silver lower right leg] B B
12363 R2-D2 [card C] C C C C yes C C, O, Q, Z, BB
12364 Stormtrooper [card D] D D D D yes D D
12415 Yoda, the Jedi Master [card E] E E E E yes E E
12416 Chewbacca [card F] F F F F yes F F, X
12417 Luke Skywalker [Tatooine outfit but all tan; blue lightsaber] [card G] G G G G yes G G, O
12418 Princess Leia [1993-09] [card J] J? J J J yes J, N, Q, Z, BB
12452 Wicket, an Ewok [1994-08] [card L] L
12452 Wicket, the Ewok [card L] X
12453 Han Solo [large head, long face] [1993-12?] I
12453 Han Solo [small face, hair parted on left] [1994] F, V N, O, Q, Y
12454 Obi Wan [sic] Kenobi [card H] H yes H Q, X, AA Z
12455 The Emperor [1994-08] [card K] O K
12548 Gamorrean Guard [card V] V, Y, AA
12549 Admiral Ackbar [card S] P, S N, S
12550 Lando Calrissian [card P] P, AA
12551 Emperor's Royal Guard [card U] M, U U
12552 Bib Fortuna [card W] O, W, Y
12553 Tusken Raider [card T] R, T T, Z
12554 Boba Fett [card M] Z
12559 Luke Skywalker [X-wing pilot] [card R] R
prod. # product name [description] 8A 8B 8C 8D 8E 8F 12A 12B 20A 20B
backing card / trading card combinations known

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