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die-cast toys
38570 Landspeeder 1978
38580 X-wing Fighter 1978
38590 TIE Fighter 1978
39160 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter [with tiny removable Darth Vader figure] 1979
39210 Millennium Falcon 1979
39220 Y-wing Fighter 1979
39230 Imperial Cruiser [with tiny removable Blockade Runner vehicle] 1979
39260 TIE Bomber [not widely released; rare]
39490 "in-flight space attack scene" [free in Y-wing]
39660 Twin-Pod Cloud Car
39670 Slave I
39680 Snowspeeder
62634 Action Masters 4 Pack [includes "dirty" 3PO, Leia, R2, Ben]
62640 Action Masters 6 Pack Collectors Set [includes Darth with hands on hips, Luke, stormtrooper with black highlights, chewie, Han, Fett]
package variation 1: backing board is orange-yellow [1994]
package variation 2: backing board is white [early 1995]
62671 Action Masters Darth Vader [wielding orange lightsaber]
62672 Action Masters Luke Skywalker [Bespin fatigues, wielding blue lightsaber]
62673 Action Masters "clean" C-3PO
62674 Action Masters R2-D2
62675 Action Masters stormtrooper
62676 Action Masters Chewbacca [arms spread, bowcaster pointing up in the air, removable bowcaster]
xxxxx Action Masters special edition "gold" C-3PO on pedestal base with name inscribed [mail-away premium]
69781 Action Masters 4 pack [same as 62634 but in POF packaging] 1995-12

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