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other SW-related product numbers
38670 [free figures in Landspeeder]
38680 [free Vader & stormtrooper in TIE Fighter]
38690 [free Luke & Han in X-wing Fighter]
38771 [free snowtrooper in Hoth playset]
39300 [wholesale action figures assortment]
39440 Free Battle Scene Setting [in Vader's TIE]
39940 [free Rebel Soldier 39750 in Snowspeeder 39680]
39950 [free Bespin Guard 39810 in Cloud Car 39860]
[free 2-1B in PDT-8]
62670 [wholesale Action Masters assortment]
69360 [wholesale action figure assortment]
69570 [wholesale action figure assortment]
69590 [wholesale action figure assortment]
69680 Free Action Play Setting [in Slave I 39690]
69690 [wholesale mini-rigs special assortment]
70410 [free 2-sided backdrop (droids sale / Yoda in swamp) in Micro X-wing]
70850 [wholesale action figure assortment]
70860 [wholesale action figure assortment]
70900 [wholesale box of 12 assorted Ewoks stuffed figures] dec 1983
71120 [wholesale Ewoks action figure assortment 71150-71180, ]
71580 [wholesale POF action figure assortment]
71590 [wholesale POF action figure assortment]
71600 [wholesale POF action figure assortment]
71760 [wholesale Droids action figure assortment 71770-71880]
93460 [wholesale action figure assortment]

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