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Magazines containing articles on Star Wars

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magazine issue SW cover? article description
1001 Truck & Van Ideas 1977-11 van artwork
321 Contact 1980-07 Luke, 'Amazing Movies'
Access [Canada] (1999-05?)
Action Figure News and Toy Review #49 yes action figures
Action Figure News and Toy Review #50 yes Galoob toys
Air Combat 1997-09 no U.S. Naval Reserve squadron VAQ-209 Star Warriors
Amazing Stories #597, Summer 1999 new space battle artwork book excerpt and R.A. Salvatore interview
American Cinematographer 1977-07 yes the filming of SW
American Cinematographer 1980-06 yes behind the scenes of ESB
American Cnematographer 1983-06 yes secrets of ROJ EFX; Lucas interview
American Cnematographer 1997-02 no? SE
American Film 1977-04 Luke & 3PO on Tatooine
American Film 1980-05 "SW Strikes Again"
American Film1983-06Lucas12 pages of ROJ
Australian Net Guide 1999-06 TPM jedi
Axcess 1997-02 Mark Hamill interview
Bananas 1983 #63 Vader
Bananas Yearbook 1978 Charlie's Angels and Vader two pages of Vader & Prowse
The Big Reel 1997-02 yes? detailed history of films, trailers, and posters
Boxoffice 1976-04-05 no one paragraph about early production on page 10
CableView [regional] 1986-02 ESB int'l poster art not really
Cinefantastique vol.6#4
Cinefantastique 1978 vol.7#1 yes making of SW
Cinefantastique 1997-01 vol.28 #8 yes 24 pages but not interesting
Cinefantastique 1997-02 vol.28 #9 many characters checkerboard ESB but not interesting
Cinefantastique 1997-03 vol.28 #10 AT-ATs and marshmallow man! ESB SPFX
Cinefex#2AT-ATs30 pages of effects
Cinefex#3tauntaun38 pages of effects
Cinefex 1996-03 #65 Falcon ILM 20th anniversary special issue
Cinescape 1995-05 vol.1#6 Vader The Next SW: Looking Ahead to the Jedi Prequel
Cinescape Insider 1996-11 Vader, "SW special report" lots
Cinescape 1997-01 yes very little
Cinescape 1997-03 yes Lucas interview, more
Cinescape 1997-11 Fett, "The next SW"
Cinescape InsiderSpecial Collector's Issue Vader
Cinescape InsiderSpecial Collector's Issue, 1999-05 unique TPM art
Circus 1977-11-10 no
Club (adult) 2011-08 'Star Wars XXX!'
Club (adult) 2011-12 'Star Wars XXX exclusive sex scenes' photos & review of the Vivid video SW spoof
Collecting Toys 1995-08 yes yes
Collecting Toys 1997-02 yes Sansweet interview
Combo #27 1997-04 yes
Comics Buyer Guide 1997-02? yes 20 years of SW comics
Comics Interview
Comics Review 1984-05, v1#4 Vader sitting in a weird ship
Comics Scene 1983-07 #10 Vader etc. Al Williamson interview
Coming Attractions 1986-02 yes
Computer Game Strategy #73 yes preview Rebellion, Jedi Knight, X-wing vs. TIE
Computer Game Strategy 1999-04 #101 X-wing Alliance
Computer Gaming World #150 yes preview Rebellion, Jedi Knight, X-wing vs. TIE
Computer Gaming World 1999-05 yes
Conservative Digest 1980-08 Gerald Ford as Tarkin and Henry Kissinger as Vader with limp lightsaber
Cracked 1977-11 yes
Cracked 1978-01 cantina scene
Cracked 1979-03 #149 bionic man in SW
Super Cracked Fall 1980 The Empire Strikes Out
Biggest Greatest Cracked Special 1980 The War of the Empires Game
Cracked 1980-11 #173 Hoth battle (including Yoda on sled)
Cracked 1980-12 #174 Empire strikes it rich
Cracked 1983-11 #199 Jabba Jed Eye Returns
Cracked 1997-05 no? only 2 pages
Cracked Monster Party 1997-summer #37 yes cover to cover! Reprint of vintage SW material.
Cracked 1999-08 #336 Yoda reading gossip paper TPM send-up, etc.
Crazy 1977-12 #32 stamp out SW
Crazy 1980-09 yes
Crosstalk (The Journal of Defense Software Engineering) 2006-10, vol.19 #10 Vader slicing bread with lightsaber articles reference Star Trek but not SW
Custom Vans 1978-04 van artwork
Cybersurfer #9 yes 4 sq.in. misc.
Der Spiegel 1984-11-12 Ronald Reagan in Vader helmet (cover only, nothing inside)
Dirt Bike 1977-10 Vader & Husqverna 390 automatic (cover only, nothing inside)
Discover 1984-08 Lucas holding lightsaber "Computerizing the Movies"
Disney Adventures 1997-03 Vader lots; very interesting even though it takes a children's slant
Disney Adventures 1997-04 no bloopers; interview Daniels and Mayhew
Disney Adventures 1998-11 no (Lion King) full-page ad of Mace Windu and his action figure
Disney Adventures [Australia] 1999-05 no a little
Disney Adventures 1999-06 no (N Sync) 13 pages
Disney News 1987-spring clean-shaven Lucas Star Tours
Dreamwatch (Australia?) 1999 no.56 logo & maul 100 pages!?!
Dynamite 1978-01 v.1 no.7 #44 Chewbacca and Shaun Cassidy
Dynamite 1979-08 v.3 no.2 4 heroes
Dynamite 1980-09 v.4 no.3 #76 Mark Hamill
Dynamite 1983-06 v.6#12 droids Anthony Daniels interview
Dynamite 1985 #130 droids & ewoks cartoons
The Economist 1999-06-?? "Economy Wars: The Real Menace" (Alan Greenspan as a jedi) nada
The Electric Company Magazine 1983-04 Yoda holding a book
The Electric Company Magazine 1983-12 ewoks
Electronic Gaming 1999-05, #118 TPM photo montage 16 pages
Entertainment Weekly 1996-08-02, #338 no one article
Entertainment Weekly 1997-01-10, #361 Mark Hamill special editions as a gamble!
Entertainment Weekly 1997-06-16, #382 EP1 actors, "inside the new SW" casting for episodes I-III
Entertainment Weekly , #478 Obi-Wan
Entertainment Weekly , #486 EP1 stars
Entertainment Weekly , #536 Natalie Portman
Entertainment Weekly , #547/548 Hayden Christensen
Entertainment Weekly 2002-04-12, #648 Portman & Christensen AOC behind-the-scenes, interviews
Entertainment Weekly , #654 Anakin & Padmé
Entertainment Weekly , #654 Obi-Wan & Mace Windu
Entertainment Weekly 2010-04-16, #1098 Chewie carrying Leia "never before seen photos" from ESB behind-the-scenes
Epic Illustrated 1982-10 ? ROJ previews
Esquire 2005-06 Ewan in SW T-shirt
Expert X Gamer 1999-06 EP1 racer
Famous Monsters SW Spectacular 1977 holochess scene lots
Famous Monsters 1977-09, #137 SW characters
Famous Monsters 1977-10, #138 yes lots
Famous Monsters 1977-12, #139 Vader & droids & Mann's
Famous Monsters 1978-03, #141
Famous Monsters 1978-08, #146 no contest; Christopher Lee talks about SW (why?)
Famous Monsters 1978-10, #148 Vader Darth Vader focus
Famous Monsters 1980-07, #165 bounty hunters ESB focus
Famous Monsters 1980-08 #166 Fett
Famous Monsters 1980-09 #167 ESB characters
Famous Monsters 1981-06 #174 SW montage
Famous Monsters 1981-09 #177 Yoda & Superman
Famous Monsters 1983-01 ESB ESB
Fangoria 1978 Sand Person painting ???
Fantascene#4no?6 pages of effects
Fantastic Films 1978-04 SW
Fantastic Films 1978-08 vol.1#3 mixture weapons; alien languages
Fantastic Films 1979-04 vol.2#1 no SW vs. Galactica
Fantastic Films 1979-06 vol.2#2 some scenes of Death Star trench
Fantastic Films 1980-07 ESB ESB focus
Fantastic Films 1980-09 #18 snowy Chewie ESB
Fantastic Films 1980-10 #19 Yoda ESB
Fantastic Films 1980-11 #20 ESB focus
Fantastic Films Collector's Edition 1980-12 #2 yes clone wars explained
The Very Best of Fantastic Films 1981-02 yes lots
Fantastic Films Collector's Edition 1981-04 #23 yes from SW to Empire
Fantastic Films Collector's Edition 1981-06 #24 cartoon of characters around radio microphone SW comes to NPR
Fantastic Films 1982-04 #28 Revenge of the Jedi the mystery behind ROJ
Fantastic Films Expanded Summer Edition 1982-08 #30 no first photos from Revenge
Fantastic Films Special Holiday 1983-02 #32 Yoda Revenge, new facts & photos
Fantastic Films 1983-05 #33 yes ROJ: a final speculation; ESB comes to NPR
Fantastic Films 1983-07 ROJ
Fantastic Films 1983-09 #35 Jabba & Leia making of ROJ
Fantasy Film Journal 1977-78 #1 yes SW review; making of SW
Femme Fatales 1999-07-09, vol.8 no.1 slave Leia
Film Comment 1983-08 Sir Alec Guiness Guiness interview, ROJ as glorifying war
Film Review [UK]1978-02droids12 pages
Film Review [UK]1980-06ESB stars6 pages
Film Review Special #18, 1997-02 stormtroopers all Star Wars!
Films and Filming (UK) 1978-02 Luke
Foom 1977 #21 cantina battle comic artwork Roy Thomas interview
Forbes 1996-03-11 George Lucas "The Magician" George Lucas feature article.
Future 1978-04 #1 no small article on SW posters
Future 1980-08 #20 R2-D2 making of ESB
Future Life 1980-06, #19 McQuarrie art ESB
Future Life 1980-08 #20 R2-D2 misc.
Gallery (adult) 1978-03 "Harlan Ellison blasts the Star Wars hype" The original publication of Ellison's now-famous essay that starts "Bad-mouthing Star Wars these days is considered a felony; ..."
Geek Monthly #3, 2007-05 stormtrooper unmasked lots
Genesis (adult) 1981-03 "America in the '80's: Living Easy, Star Wars style" I couldn't find any mention
Geo 1983-06 C-3PO special effects
Global License! 2007-09 Hildebrandt art 23 pages
Heavy Metal 1983-04 Rod Kierkegaard Jr. presents four pages of stormtroopers-in-Viet-Nam dark comedy. (Reviewed in Darkside, 1996-09)
Hero Illustrated #17 1994-11 article
High Society (adult) 1977-10 "Star Whores: Hot Droids Meet A Raunchy Robot!" [golden woman and pseudo-R2]
High Society (adult) 2012-06 "Intercourse with the Force on the set of SW XXX"
[Rona Barrett's] Hollywood 1977-11 Han et al. interviews
Hollywood Reporter 1988-03-18 no small ad "Jim, Congratulations -- George"
Hot Dog! 1983 #22 Mark Hamill
Hot Dog! 1984 #31 "cute creatures"
House of Hammer [UK] 1978-01 yes SW special issue
Hustler Humor (adult) 1980-09 the droids don't know
Hustler Humor (adult) v.34#2 (2012-Q2) "Star Whores Episode XXX" I guess so
InQuest 1997-06 lots
Interview 1977-06 no some rare candid photos of the young stars
Jack and Jill 1980-10 Yoda, the "Yedi" master!
Jack and Jill 1980-11 Leia
Jackie (UK) 1978-02-04 #725 How to make Leia buns hairdo
Jet 2005-06-06 Mace & droids Sam Jackson interview
Juice 1999-05 Obi-Wan Kenobi
Junior Scholastic 1977-09-08 Vader & Leia
Kid's Tribute [Canada] (1999-05?)
Knave [adult] [Europe] vol.9 no.12 two pages?
Life 1983-06 ROJ collage biography of Lucas by Dale Pollack
Life Story Movie Magic "Star Wars Returns!" 2004-09 yes misc.
Look-in [UK]1980-05-24ESB cast artwork5 pages
Look-in [UK]1983-06-04ROJ cast5 pages
Mad 1978-01 #196 Alfred E. Vader & friends
Mad 1978-12 #203 Alfred E. D2 The SW Musical
Mad 1981-01 #220 Alfred E. Yoda
Mad 1983-10 #242 Mr. T as Vader
Mad SW Spectacular 1996 yes lots
Mad 1997-02 #354 Jabba yes
Mad SW Spectacular 1999 [1999-06] yes cover-to-cover, colorized reprints and new stuff
Mad Australian Super Special #110
Make Up Artist #19 Amidala yes
Marquee 1980-05 theatre mag, ESB feature
Maxim 1999-05 no (Caprice) ???
Maxim 2002-05 "Exclusive! SW EP2: Lucas Reveals the Secrets!" (Kelly Hu) EP2
Maxim 2010-05 "Get Leia'd! Making of ESB" (Arianny Celeste) ESB behind-the-scenes photos
Media & Methods 1977-11 collage artwork
Mediascene #30
Mediascene Prevue 1980-09 George Lucas interview
Media Spotlight 1977-10 Han & Chewie
Mix 1997-02 no? Ben Burtt on SE audio
Modern People (large newspaper format) 1977-09-11 vol.11#11 droids 8-page SW exclusive
Movie [Australia] 1999-06 TPM jedi
Movieline v.10#8 1999-05 Liam Neeson, SW Samurai hilarious toy prices, 7-page Neeson interview, 6-page JE Jones interview
National Enquirer 1983-06-21 ROJ shuttle cockpit photo psychiatrists explain the appeal of ROJ!
National Geographic World 1980-?? unknown ESB special effects, fold-out poster
National Review 1988-04-01 Vader strategic defense initiative (sorry)
National Review 1997-02-?? star destroyer nothing
New Dimensions 1991-06 "Star Wars Strikes Back" strategic defense initiative (sorry)
The New Yorker 1997-01-06 of course not 12 pages, quite interesting
Nickelodeon 1997-03 Luke & Leia Lucas interview
Nickelodeon June/July 1999 Jake Lloyd & friends very little
Nickelodeon 2005-05 "Wookiees of the Year" Yoda poster; "Jedi, Set, Go" (3 pages); "LEGO my Lightsaber" (1 page); and 3 pages of ads
Newsweek 1980-05-19
Newsweek 1997-01-20 no 3 pages
New Times 1977-06-24 droids very critical commentaries!
Nintendo Power #92 four different covers (Fett, stormtrooper, Rendar, IG-88) SOE game
Non-Sports Update v.5#2 yes preview SWG2
Non-Sports Update v.6#4 yes cards
Not Of This Earth Special Edition ROJ poster artwork "SW Spectacular Past, Present, and Future!"
Official U.S. Playstation Magazine v.2#8 1999-05 yes
Orange Rock Magazine v.3#4 1980-05 yes 7 pages
PC Accelerator #09 1999-05 blue twilek girl
PC Gamer v.5#5 1998-05 yes 6-page exclusive preview of Force Commander
PC Gamer v.6#5 1999-05 yes
PC Games 1997-12 yes 2-page review of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
Penthouse 1978-10 no p. 62 "Science-Fiction Fever" talks a lot about SW. droids on Mars?
People 1977-07-18 3PO on Tatooine "talented folks"
People 1978-08-14 Vader & Carrie Fisher Carrie Fisher
People 1980-06-09 Yoda Frank Oz
People 1980-07-07 "Empire's Fab Four" Billy Dee Williams
People 1981-08-31 Mark & Yoda Hamill
People 1983-06-06 Jabba
People 1983-06-20 ROJ
People 1997-02-03 no Where are they now?
Photoplay [UK]1978-01droids12 pages
Photoplay [UK]1978-02Han Solo8 pages
Photoplay [UK]1980-06Darth Vader6 pages
Pizzazz 1977-10 droids
Pizzazz 1978-04 Vader and friends
Playboy (adult) 1977-12 no "Star Spats" is a Star Wars parody starring Princess Orgasma, Luke Starf*cker, Bo Peepio, and Panchoo DeToo. Star Spats
Playboy (adult) 1978-01 no "A Special-Effects Sampler" on p. 159 includes a photo and paragraph about the landspeeder scenes. Hollywood Goes Big-Budget Bananas A Special-Effects Sampler
Playboy (adult) 1983-06 no (Marianne Gravatte) "Beyond Jedi: The Saga Continues" (two pages of humorous sequel synopses, plus Yoda-in-risquee-Cantina artwork)
Playboy España [Spain] (adult) 1983-11 (Sybil Danning) "El Retorno del Jedi: lo que usted vera" same as U.S. Playboy 1983-06, plus Carrie Fisher interview, six pages of movie photos, and full-page SW cartoon by Rowland B. Wilson
Playboy (adult) 1997-07 "The Return of George Lucas" ???
Playboy (adult) 1999-06 The guns, the babes, the preview
Playboy (adult) 2007-05 no Obi-Wan retrospective
Popular Mechanics v.176#6 1999-06 The Machines of EP1 foldout poster, cutaway vehicle artwork
Premiere 2002-06 Natalie Portman AOC behind-the-scenes
Preview 1977-09 heroes "are you ready for a sequel??"
Previews Adult v.XI#7 2001-07 Star Ballz
Prevue 1983-07 ROJ
Prime Time 1986-02 Yoda
P.S.X. 1997-02 yes behind the scenes of Rebel Assault II
Quest 80 1980-06 no small article on FX
Questar#1, 1978SW artwork
Questar 1980-08 ESB montage ESB
Rarities 1983-09 Collectibles of SW
Read 1977-05-18 v.26#18 aliens in black & red
Reader's Digest 1977-09 Hildebrandt art
Reader's Digest 1996-07
Reel Fantasy 1978-01, v1#1 Falcon cockpit lots
Request (The [Suncoast / Sam Goody] Replay Member Magazine) 2002-05 yes several one-page articles
Rocket's Blast Comic Collector 1977 #139 [there is also a second printing] Vader lots of fan artwork
Rolling Stone 1977-08-25 #246 four heroes long article
Rolling Stone 1980-07-24 #322 four stars lots of casual photos, quotes
Rolling Stone 1983-06-21 #400 "SW Goes on Vacation" (ROJ characters at the beach) Lucas interview
Rolling Stone 1983-08-04 ROJ
Rolling Stone 1999-06-24 #815 Jar Jar Binks reading vintage RS SW issue
Rolling Stone 2002-06-20 #898 Natalie Portman "Sex, Brains & Star Wars"
Rolling Stone 2005-06-02 #975 Darth Vader
Scale Models International (UK) 1984-12 X-wing
Scholastic Action v.1 no.2, 1977-10-06 Luke in landspeeder 2-page spread
Scholastic Math [in-school only] v.25 no.12, 2005-05-09 Anakin & Obi-Wan not really
Science Digest 1980-06 R2-D2
Science Fantasy Film Classics Collector's Edition Winter 1977 vol.1#1 stormtrooper on dewback interviews, music, FX, Force
Science Fiction Age 1996-01 yes McQuarrie's masterpieces
Science Fiction Annual 1994-06 3PO Hamill interview
Science Fiction Horror & Fantasy #1 Vader making of SW; discussions; FX
Science Fiction Horror & Fantasy #2 SW, Mark Hamill
Sci-Fi Entertainment 1997-02 yes 8 pages
Sci-Fi Invasion Fett
Sci-Fi Now 1978 C-3PO
Sci-Fi Universe 1995-11, #11 Vader & troopers, "SW lives" music from SW
Sci-Fi Universe 1997-02 yes 17 pages
Sci-Fi Universe v5#5, 1999-06 yes TPM special issue, lots
Screen Superstar special expanded edition #8, 1997 montage cover to cover
Scrye #18 yes Hoth CCG cards
SFX (UK) #154, 2007-04 ANH heroes
The Sharper Image Catalog 1996-06 Father's Day Yoda maquette
Smithsonian 1990-10 ILM creatures 11 pages on ILM
Smithsonian 1997-11 no page 144: how the exhibit was assembled
Space VOYAGER [UK] #5, 1983 no? Daniels & ROJ effects
Space VOYAGER [UK]#6, 1983no?more ROJ effects
Space VOYAGER [UK]#7, 1983no?SW directory
Space Wars 1977-10 Han & Chewie all about SW
Space Wars 1978-04 no CE3K FX vs. SW FX
Space Wars 1979-11 no? little
Star Battles Spring 1979 C-3PO little
Star Battles Summer 79 yes lots
Starblazer 1985-01 no? misc.
Starburst vol.1#1 SW montage a lot!
Starburst vol.1#2 no 3PO unmasked
Starburst vol.1#3 no Han Solo speaks
Starburst [UK]#22Chewie12 pages of ESB
Starburst [UK]#23Fett10 pages of ESB
Starburst [UK]#24no?Hamill interview
Starburst [UK]#25no?Kurtz & Kershner interviews
Starburst [UK]#26no?Johnson interview
Starburst [UK]#43no?10 pages of SW
Starburst [UK]#58no?Marquand interview
Starburst [UK]#223no? 6 pages of Lucas on SpEds
Starburst 1997-02 #222 SWSE Han & Jabba
Starburst 2005- #319 unknown Anthony Daniels interview; SW history part 1
Starfix (France) 1983? yes lots
Star Force 1980-08 Vader SW II
Star Force 1980-10 ESB montage lots
Star Force 1980-12 Yoda
Star Force 1981-04 yes SW III: the victory of the jedi
Star Force 1981-10 Vader & Superman Superman vs. SW
Starlog 1977-08, #7 X-wing & TIE movie preview
Starlog 1979-02, #19 Holiday Special
Starlog 1980-06, #35 Vader Billy Dee Williams interview; ESB photos & effects
Starlog 1980-08, #37 Falcon & star destroyer Harrison Ford interview, waiting in line, soundtrack review
Starlog 1980-11, #40 Luke carrying Yoda Mark Hamill interview
Starlog 1981-02, #43 Gary Kurtz interview
Starlog #50 Fett Lucas interview part 3
Starlog 1983-06, #71 Endor heroes lots of ROJ coverage
Starlog 1983-09, #74 ROJ
Starlog 1984-03, #80 ROJ misc.
Starlog 1985-10 #99 droids Daniels interview
Starlog 1978-07 #120 poster artwork SW 10th anniversary special issue
Starlog 1988-02, #127 Lucas
Starlog #224 yes 8 pages
Starlog 1997-03, #236 SpEd X-wings 21 pages
Starlog 1997-04, #237 GL portrait art GL interview?
Starlog Movie Series #6: Sci-Fi People #1 1999-09 yes about 50 pages compiled from Starlog back issues
Starlog Spectacular 1992-03 Star Tours in Japan
Super7 #15, 2007-05 Vader toys, etc.
Super 8 Filmmaker 1980 v.8 ESB collage artwork Irvin Kershner interview
Supermag 1980 #10 ESB 3 stars Hamill miniposter
Teen Tribute [Canada] (1999-05?)
Teen Word-Finds 19??-02 Vader
Time 1980-05-19 Vader face painting ESB feature
Time 1983-05-23
Time 1997-02-10 yes extensive special edition coverage
Time 1999-04-26 EP1 characters extensive EP1 coverage and George Lucas interview
Time [Australia] 1999-05-03 EP1 characters
Time Out 1983-06-03 Margaret Thatcher as Vader attacking droids
Total Film 1997-11 #10 not really Ewan McGregor interview
Toy Fare Winter special issue no Toys you'll never see
Tribute [free at Canadian theaters] v.5#3, 1983-spring ROJ all ROJ
Tribute v.14#1 (1997?) no SE, starbles
Tribute (1999)
Tripwire Monthly (U.K.) #2 TPM special issue
TV Guide 1999-05 [four different TPM covers for the same issue]
TV Guide 2001-11-24, #2539 R2-D2 & two babes Lucas mini-interview; R2-D2 mockumentary review; EP2 preview
TV Week [Australia] 1999-05-29 yes
Ultra FilmFax #69-70 no extensive Holiday Special coverage
Us 1980-07-22 ESB good guys ESB stars
Us 1983-06-20 ROJ heroes ROJ focus
Us 1983-08-?? Jabba
USA Philatelic vol.12#2, 2007-summer stylized Vader helmet catalog incl. SW stamps, covers, postcards
U.S. News and World Report 1997-01-27 no one page, mostly Fett
Vanity Fair 1998-02? EP1 cast & crew foldout lots of EP1 behind-the-scenes and EP1 facts revealed
Variety 1982-01-27 no "Revenge of the Jedi in production" heavy paper insert
Variety 1998-03-18 no full-page ad "Jim / Congratulations / George" of SW characters abandoning the Titanic
Ventura 1996-01 Vader CCG; Hamill
Video Buyer's Review Summer 1982 first release of SW on VHS video
Vidiot 1983-06 Vader vs. U.S.S. Enterprise!
Viva, The International Magazine for Women 1977-09 no movie review?
Vogue 1977-11 no The "Force" of Fur (fashion photo shoot with SW characters)
VSD (France) 1977-10-14 unique Moebius artwork featuring C-3PO on blue starfield with smaller characters unknown
Weekly Reader Senior 1977-11-30 children's submitted alien artwork
Who Weekly [Australia] 1999-05-31 Darth Maul poster, etc.
Who Weekly [Australia] 1999-06-07 TPM actors
Wired 1997-02 Lucas, "the next Star Wars trilogy" Lucas interview
Wired 1999-05 Lucas, "Believe the hype: The Star Wars speed orgy begins..."
Woman [UK]1980-05-10noHamill interview
Woman [UK]1983-05-28no4 pages
Woman's Own [UK]1983-05-24noFisher interview
Women's Day 1980-11-25 no plans for home-made playsets!
Writer's Digest 1999-06 little Anakin in the desert
Yahoo: Internet Life 1997-03 yes web sites, Mark Hamill interview


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