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Marvel Comics Group

   division of Cadence Industries Corp.

In general, all listings consist of issue number (if applicable), issue title (usually that found on page 1), issue date as shown on front cover or page 1, and original issue price as printed on the front cover. Items in brackets are additional information added for the sake of this list. When two titles are given, the first is the title shown on the cover and the second (in parentheses) is the title shown on page 1.

Marvel UK

ESB Monthly

142 1980-12
149 1981-09
155 1982-04
156 1982-05

ESB Weekly

121 1980-06-19
126 1980-07-23
139 1980-10-

SW Monthly


Star Wars Weekly

13 1978-05-03
49 1979-01-10
59 1979-04-11
99 1980-01-16
100 1980-01-23


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