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This is only a partial list, as Jon Bradley Snyder is the master of SW references in music. See his article in SW Insider magazine #40, 1998-11.

Also see my list of recordings of SW music

group album [and label] song(s) description / lyrics year
Meco Music Inspired by SW and Other Galactic Funk [Millennium Records] 1977-08
The Rebel Force Band Living in These Star Warz [Bonwhit] 1. Living In These Star Wars
2. Don't Fall In Love With An Android
3. Leia
4. Chewie The Rookie Wookie [sic]
5. A Respirator For Darth Vader
6. Spaced Out
7. May The Force Be With You
8. The Ballad Of Obi Wan (OB-1)
9. You'll Be A Warrior
10. Living In These Star Wars (Disco Remix)
Tomita [RCA] 1977
Queen Bicycle Race "Jaws was never my scene and I don't like Star Wars" 1978
Freddy Weller Love Got in the Way Bar Wars 1978
Patrick Gleason SW: Selections from the Film... 1978
Electronic Moog Orchestra Music from SW 1978?
Lawrence Welk Orchestra Lawrence Welk Live at Tahoe [Ranwood] Star Wars 1978
Instant Funk Dark Vader 1979
The Real Thing Feel the Force 1979
Richard Holmes mixture of SW and Close Encounters themes
Maynard Ferguson
Don Ellis and Survival
Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra [GNP Crescendo]
Meco Meco Plays Music from ESB [RSO] 1980
Ron Carter et al. Empire Jazz [RSO] 1980
John Rose SW: John Rose Playing the Great Pipe Organ [Towerhill] 1980
Boris Midney Music from ESB 1980
Irwin Strikes Back Vader's Theme [and great cartoon cover] 1980?
Meco Christmas in the Stars [RSO] 1980-11
SW Dub [Burning Sounds] 1981
SSD (Boston) Power Star Wars punk; only 32 seconds long 1981
Blowfly Blowfly vs. Darth Vader
Roots Radics Band Scientist and Jammy Strike Back! [Trojan] C-3PO + R2-D2 = THE FORCE
The Crushing of the Stormtroopers
Luke Skywalker Meets Flash Gordon
Storming the Death Star
Meco Ewok Celebration -- Music Interpretations from ROJ 1983
Raven Live at the Inferno [Mega Force Records] Star Wars 1984
Weird Al Yankovic Dare to be Stupid [] Yoda [read lyrics here] 1985
Maggotron Welcome to the Planet of Bass Vader sound sampling 1987
Koto Cyber People Proxyon Space Rock [cover only, McQuarrie lightsaber duel] 1988
Divine Styler Word Power Cantina band sampling 1990
A Tribe Called Quest After Hours "...get the Force like Wan Kenobi" 1990
De La Soul Ring Ring Ring "...Luke Sky..." 1991
DAS EFX Jussummen "...operatin' like Jabba..."
Tomita Kosmos [BMG/RCA 2816] 1991-07-09
BMX Bandits (Scotland) Star Wars Star Wars 1991
Nerf Herder a nose-thumbing, smart-alecky punk/pop power trio from California. They have album(s?) from Arista and probably some smaller labels. 1990s
Bloodhound Gang Fire, Water, Wind
Boba Fett Youth Yearn for Mandalore 1994-
The Droids Polish punkers from Wisconsin 1990s
Velvet Pelvis Velvet Pelvis SW Generation [all-woman punkers from Spokane Washington] 1994
Nerdy Girl [No Life] Nerdy Girl [about being a young female SW fan] 1994
Supernova Music from the Motion Picture Clerks [Miramax] Chewbacca 1994
Steakdaddy 6 Hip Hop Chewbacca 1994
Monsterland [Seed] Chewbacca 1994
[various artists] Dark Empire Strikes Back [LSR] [title only] 1994
Buckethead Giant Robot [Sony] Star Wars instrumental rock version of main title 1994
Ash Girl from Mars Cantina Band 1995
Alec Empire Generation Star Wars [Mille Plateaux] [cover only, X-wing] 1995
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets Cthulhu Strikes Back [album cover artwork only] 1995?
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom Tragic Kingdom A saxophone plays the Star Wars theme at the very end of the song. 1995
Liquid Plumber mmm...good [Banana Royal Records] Yoda 1995
Meco Christmas in the Stars [CD re-release] 1995
The Great Luke Ski Fanboys 'n Da Hood [] Y.O.D.A. [to the tune of YMCA] 1996
Morgan Phillips SW Breakbeats 1996
Dweeb Chart Raider / Space Invader 45 [Fierce Panda] [cover only, stormtrooper close-up] 1996
The Force (California) The Theme from SW [Trax] Chewie's Drum and Bass Mix 1996
The Force I Don't Like You Either Star Destroyer album cover is Greedo art
Valvolux Supercharger [cover artwork only, SW 'C' poster parody]
Meco The Best of Meco [Mercury Records] 1997-02-04
Vibrus Vibrus [Calhoun] [cover only] 1997
Red Five
Twin Sister Twin Sister [Bionic Family Records] Scoundrel
You'll Never be a Jawa
Slave I
A Portland Oregon Star Wars Tribute Band. Released their first CD in 1997-02. Originally known as Boba Phett, they changed their name to Twin Sister for legal reasons. On stage, the band members dress up as Star Wars characters (singer = Darth Vader, drummer = Chewbacca, guitarist = stormtrooper, guitarist = Yoda, and bassist = Tusken Raider). All their lyrics are taken from the movies, with many direct quotes. The music is heavy alternative-funk. 1997-
Radish Restraining Bolt
Man or... Astro-Man? [they show SW action figure movies before concerts] 1998
Notorious BIG Hypnotize "Hit'em wit da Force like Obi" 1998
2 Skinnee J's Mind Trick 1998
Lounge Brigade Put Some Style In It [Shanachie] Star Wars 1998
Negative Reaction Orbit EP [Game Two Records] Dianoga 1998
The Evil Genius Orchestra SW Cocktails in the Cantina [CD] 1999
Meco Music Inspired by SW and Other Galactic Funk [CD re-release] [Hip-O / Universal HIPD-40171] 1999
Damn Nation Jar Jar Binks Must Die! 1999
Weird Al Yankovic Running with Scissors [BMG] The Saga Begins to the tune of "American Pie" 1999
The Trotter Trio Sketches on SW [Varese Sarabande VSD-5794] jazz 1999-07
Damn Nation I Did it All for the Wookiee! [download MP3] 1999-09
Skabba the Hutt [band name only] 1999
Yo Da Man SW Main Theme Millennium Mix [K-Tel] bad dance mixes 1999
Dezrok Starwars [Pop Music] entire album (6 tracks) or dance mixes 1999
Code 13 A Part of America Died Today [Havoc Records] Paen Imperial march can be heard 1999?
Salacious Crumb (Australia) band's name only 1999?
Grand Moff Tarkin (Atlanta) "Burning Down Mos Eisley"
"I'm Not the Droid You're Looking For"
"My TIE"
The entire band dresses in elaborate SW costumes. See their web site.
Everclear Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile [EMI] Wonderful "Like a Star Wars poster on my bedroom door" 2000
Byron Lee and His Dragonaires Star Wars Soca calypso style
Supernaturals (Britain) Star Wars acoustic
Probot acid rock
Eminem Encore [Aftermath] Rain Man "I even believe I had one of those 25 cent stickers on my refrigerator / Right next to Darth Vader And Darth must have put a hex on him for later" 2004
Jedi Mind Tricks hip hop
Blink 182 A New Hope Princess Leia where are you tonight? Even though I'm not as cool as Han I still wanna be your man I was hanging out with Lando down at Mos Eisley
Good Clean Fun
Aquabats Ska Robot Army Chewbacca's on a scooter, man
Playdough Greedo, Chewbacca, Luke, Artoo and Han; Threepio, Yoda, Boba Fett and Obi-Wan
The Presidents of the USA Death Star
Jamiroquai Use the Force
Too Hip for the Room Ballad of Boba Fett
They Might Be Giants Venue Songs [Idlewild] Santa Cruz "Darth Vader is naked" 2004
They Might Be Giants The Else [Idlewild] Scott Bower "my lightsaber determines my Death Star" 2007
Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers [Hollywood Records] Year 3000 "Girls there with round hair like Star Wars" 2007
Weird Al Yankovic Alpocalypse [Volcano] Another Tattoo "I got this rad Boba Fett..." 2011
Blue Snaggletooth Dimension Thule 2011-07
Wilco Star Wars [dBpm] none "The album has nothing to do with Star Wars" says the artist. 2015
group album [and label] song(s) description / lyrics year


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