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Note: I will not be updating the contents of this page after 2013-01-01.

Topps SW 3D trading cards

Three-dimensional trading cards in horizontal widevision size. The set consist of several promo cards (see Topps promo cards), 63 common cards, and one Multi-Motion Death Star explosion card (numbered "1m") randomly inserted in one of every 36 packs. Every card back is the same picture of Luke, plus one sentence about the 3D image, plus a preview of the next card in sequence. (Boring) There is one wrapper.

  1. Star Wars: A New Hope
  2. Pursuit in Space!
  3. Droids in the Crossfire!
  4. A Princess Strikes Back!
  5. Release of the Escape Pod!
  6. Toward Tatooine!
  7. Jawas in Hiding!
  8. Enter Luke Skywalker!
  9. The Leia Hologram!
  10. Spotting the Sand People!
  11. Attacked by Tusken Raiders!
  12. Rescued by Ben Kenobi!
  13. A Message for Help!
  14. Power of the Dark Side!
  15. Fate of the Lars Homestead!
  16. Cantina Denizens!
  17. Meet Han and Chewie!
  18. Alerting the Sandtroopers!
  19. Preparing for Space Travel!
  20. Escape from Tatooine!
  21. Han Solo in Command!
  22. Jumping to Hyperspace!
  23. Target: Alderaan!
  24. Laser of Destruction!
  25. Leia's Ordeal!
  26. Destruction of a Planet!
  27. Lightsaber Practice!
  28. Approaching the Death Star!
  29. Drawn into Danger!
  30. Heroes in Hiding!
  31. Accessing Imperial Data!
  32. Luke's Rescue Plan!
  33. A "Captured" Chewbacca!
  34. Han Solo's Bluff!
  35. Trapped in the Alcove!
  36. Trash Compactor Peril!
  37. The Power Generator Trench!
  38. Shoot-out in the Shaft!
  39. Swinging to Safety
  40. When Jedi Clash!
  41. "Run, Luke! Run!"
  42. Escaping the Death Star!
  43. "I Can't Believe He's Gone!"
  44. Skirmish in Space!
  45. "Git Him! I Got Him!"
  46. Destination: Yavin!
  47. The Rebel Hideout!
  48. Briefing the Rebels!
  49. X-wings Away!
  50. Assault on the Death Star!
  51. Monitoring the Battle!
  52. Vader in the Trench!
  53. "Targets Coming Up!"
  54. Artoo Hanging On!
  55. Blasted by Vader!
  56. Luke Uses the Force!
  57. Surprise Attack!
  58. Vader's Final Stand!
  59. Solo to the Rescue!
  60. Death Star Departure!
  61. The Victorious Rebels!
  62. Honored for their Bravery!
  63. Heroes of the Rebellion!