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SW pinups, found on back of wrappers of SW sugar-free gum. Four different wrappers (Han, Luke & 3PO, Leia, Vader), 56 different pinups. A set of these photos is very, very difficult to complete. [Especially if you hated the taste of the gum!] The collation of an unopened box was terrible. By opening a box of 36 sticks of gum (and thus 36 photos), you would only get 5 or 6 different photos. In addition, singles are very scarce. There must be thousands of regular issue Topps Star Wars cards for every Sugar Free photo. The 56 inner wrapper photos are a nice mix of closeups of ships and characters from the movie. There are 7 different stunning backgrounds for the photos; there are 8 photos for each background design. Most of the pinups in existence have a small edge tear that was a result of the factory processing. A small quantity of untorn wrappers 'escaped' the factory.
  1. #1-8 on dark blue round-top background
    two jawas
  2. Han Solo aiming gun
  3. C-3PO full body
  4. Ben with hand on belt
  5. C-3PO from knees up
  6. jawa sitting
  7. Han and Chewie from hips up
  8. Luke from knees up
  9. droids
    #9-16 on purple octagonal background
  10. Luke in gunner chair
  11. Han on Falcon ramp
  12. four stormtroopers
  13. smirking Han
  14. X-wings & Y-wing
  15. Luke in X-wing helmet, head shot side view
  16. Ben holding lightsaber, hood on, from shoulders up
    #17-24 on red dome & blue square background
  17. Luke holding gun, publicity shot
  18. R2-D2
  19. young Han
  20. Tusken with stick overhead
  21. stormtrooper
  22. R2-D2
  23. Leia
  24. Tusken pointing stick
    #25-32 on brushed green starfield background
  25. Ben
  26. dirty 3PO from shoulders up
  27. Chewie headshot
  28. green lumpy alien head (not seen in the movie)
  29. Tarkin looking sideways, head only
  30. dashing Han with collar open
  31. Vader portrair airbrush art
  32. Luke X-wing no helmet
    #33-40 on brushed blue starfield background
  33. Tusken headshot
  34. sandtrooper side view from hips up
  35. stormtrooper aiming gun from knees up
  36. Leia worried during battle
  37. band member
  38. sotrmtrooper Luke facial closeup
  39. C-3PO
  40. Luke from hips up
    #41-48 on red half-moon background
  41. Falcon
  42. Han shooting
  43. Tarkin face
  44. X-wing Luke
  45. Luke worried
  46. droids
  47. C-3PO
  48. escape pod rear view
    #49-56 on purple planet background
  49. Leia consoles Luke
  50. Luke & Leia
  51. Chewie & Han
  52. Ben & Luke
  53. three stormtroopers
  54. X-wing Luke and Leia facing each other, from waist up
  55. Owen & Luke
  56. C-3PO and Luke


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