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SW Vehicles trading cards

There are 72 common cards, four "cut-away" chase cards (one per 18 packs), two 3-D chase cards (one per 36 packs), and one redemption card [image of front] [image of back] (one per 360 packs) which wins the holder an oversize (uncut pair) 3-D card. $1.99 per pack of 5 cards, $90 per box of 36 packs, 1997-08-11. 3-D chase cards Cut-Away chase cards (with lift-up clear plastic flap) common cards
  1. Star Wars Vehicles by Marc Silvestri and Batt
  2. Millennium Falcon by Joe Benitez
  3. A-wing by Nathan Cabrera
  4. B-wing by Trent Kaniuga
  5. Y-wing by Brandon Peterson
  6. Z-95 Headhunter by Anthony Chun and Art Thibert
  7. X-wing by Brandon Peterson and Art Thibert
  8. V-wing Airspeeder by Michael Turney and Art Thibert
  9. E-wing Fighter by Aaron Sowd
  10. Rebel Snowspeeder by Peter Steigerwald and Victor Llamas
  11. Rebel Blockade Runner by Aaron Sowd
  12. Escape Pod by Victor Llamas
  13. Rebel Cruiser by Trent Kaniuga
  14. Rebel Transport by Brandon Peterson
  15. Mon Cal Cruiser by Brandon Peterson and Batt
  16. Nebulon Ranger by Anthony Chun and Art Thibert
  17. T-16 Skyhopper by Nathan Cabrera
  18. Luke's Landspeeder by Brandon Peterson and Batt
  19. Jawa Sandcrawler by Trent Kaniuga
  20. Sail Barge by Brandon Peterson
  21. Lady Luck by Brandon Peterson
  22. Twin-Pod Cloud Car by Peter Steigerwald and Victor Llamas
  23. Slave 1 [sic] by Nathan Cabrera
  24. IG-2000 by Nathan Cabrera and Victor Llamas
  25. Hound's Tooth by Peter Steigerwald and Victor Llamas
  26. S-Swoop by Jeff Do Los Santos and D-Tron
  27. Outrider by Trent Kaniuga
  28. Virago by Billy Tan
  29. Stinger by Billy Tan
  30. AT-PT by Joe Benitez and Victor Llamas
  31. AT-ST by Nathan Cabrera
  32. AT-AT by Brandon Peterson
  33. Speeder Bike by Joe Benitez
  34. Chariot Lav by Billy Tan
  35. TIE Fighter by Billy Tan
  36. TIE Bomber by Nathan Cabrera
  37. TIE Interceptor by Brandon Peterson
  38. TIE Advanced by Joe Benitez and Victor Llamas
  39. Lambda-Class Shuttle by Michael Turner and D-Tron
  40. I-7 Howl Runner by Joe Benitez and Victor Llamas
  41. Interdictor Cruiser by Brandon Peterson
  42. Lancer Frigate by Brandon Peterson
  43. Imperial Star Destroyer by Aaron Sowd
  44. Victory Star Destroyer by Billy Tan
  45. Executor by David Finch and Joe Weems
  46. Eclipse Star Destroyer by Michael Turney
  47. Sun Crusher by D-Tron
  48. World Devastator by Trent Kaniuga
  49. Death Star by Brandon Peterson and Art Thibert
  50. Death Star II by Bobby Rubio and Victor Llamas
    Battle Specs (movie photo montages)
  51. Battle of Yavin Strategy
  52. Battle of Yavin Warriors
  53. Battle of Yavin Hardware
  54. Battle of Hoth Strategy
  55. Battle of Hoth Warriors
  56. Battle of Hoth Hardware
  57. Battle of Endor Strategy
  58. Battle of Endor Warriors
  59. Battle of Endor Hardware
    Millennium Falcon features (movie photo montages)
  60. Gun Port
  61. Smuggler's Hold
  62. Cockpit
  63. Hyperdrive
    characters and their ships (movie photo montages)
  64. Millennium Falcon
  65. X-wing
  66. Executor
  67. Mon Cal Cruiser
  68. Sail Barge
  69. Slave I
  70. Shuttle
  71. Jawa Sandcrawler
  72. Checklist (Hoth battle by David Finch and Joe Weems)

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