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ESB Widevision trading cards

There are 144 common cards (9 per pack), 6 mini-poster cards (1 per box), and 10 Topps Finest chromium chase cards of McQuarrie art (one in every 12 packs) Four wrappers: AT-ATs / SW Galaxy Magazine; star destroyer / SW Galaxy Magazine; Luke & Yoda / one-of-a-kind SW book; Vader / deluxe trading cards album. 1995-fall.

mini-posters, 3x5" vertical format. Also sold as a set by QVC, 1997-04.

  1. advance one-sheet poster
  2. domestic one-sheet poster
  3. style B domestic one-sheet poster
  4. Australian one-sheet poster
  5. German one-sheet poster
  6. radio show poster

chromium chase cards

  1. probot
  2. luke on tauntaun
  3. luke on tauntaun and AT-AT
  4. snowspeeders and AT-AT
  5. luke and yoda
  6. Falcon barely escapes the monstrous jaws
  7. The majestic Cloud City of Bespin.
  8. a furious lightsaber duel
  9. Luke hangs on for dear life
  10. on the medical frigate

common cards

  1. A strange probe droid
  2. A small figure gallops
  3. The wind whips at Luke's fur-lined cap
  4. a wampa ice creature
  5. Han abruptly put his hand over Threepio's mouth
  6. Luke hangs upside down
  7. the image of Ben Kenobi
  8. Han spots a Rebel snowspeeder
  9. Luke in a bacta tank
  10. Leia leans over and kisses Luke
  11. a laserbolt fired by Han
  12. the Executor
  13. Vader stares at Imperial star destroyers
  14. six huge Star Destroyers move through space
  15. meditation chamber
  16. Leia quickly briefs a group of pilots
  17. giant ball-shaped ion cannon
  18. red energy beams
  19. Behind the troops a dozen snowspeeders
  20. Luke Skywalker...flies his snowspeeder
  21. ominous battle machines
  22. racers speed directly at the head of a walker
  23. The battle on Hoth continue to rage
  24. walker pilots
  25. Through the cockpit window of their Imperial walker
  26. an advancing AT-AT
  27. hologram of Darth Vader
  28. aerial efforts to trip up an Imperial walker
  29. the giant Imperial walker begins to topple
  30. dish-like ray guns
  31. two-legged "scout" walkers
  32. electrical sparks jump about the cockpit
  33. Three of the giant walkers, firing lasers
  34. dangling underneath the walker
  35. the AT-AT blown up by Luke
  36. smoking like a locomotive on stilts
  37. "Target. Maximum firepower."
  38. a hellish explosion
  39. the Falcon lift up and disappear
  40. collision course with two other Star Destroyers
  41. Falcon veers around the biggest asteroid
  42. "Never tell me the odds."
  43. TIE fighters follow in the distance
  44. deadly rocks rushing toward their ship
  45. one of the fighters scrapes an asteroid
  46. POV shot from within the Millennium Falcon
  47. Falcon skims the surface
  48. Falcon slips through a narrow chasm
  49. Solo's ship speeds through the mysterious crater cave
  50. X-wing fighter is almost invisible in the thick fog
  51. "I'm beginning to agree with you."
  52. Vader's head is bald with a mass of ugly scar tissue
  53. a strange, bluish creature
  54. the little creature
  55. indulge in romantic bliss
  56. the image of Captain Needa
  57. hologram of the Galactic Emperor
  58. A bowed Darth Vader converses
  59. this dwelling is small and humble
  60. "The boy has no patience."
  61. a pair of modified TIE fighters
  62. A soft, suction-like cup
  63. a row of jagged white stalactites
  64. zooming through the monster's mouth
  65. The monster tilts its head
  66. Yoda strapped to his back
  67. Yoda turns to see
  68. Luke Skywalker confronts Darth Vader
  69. mask falls away to reveal...Lukes [sic] head.
  70. There is Bossk
  71. "No disintegration's" [sic]
  72. a firing Imperial Star Destroyer
  73. Falcon shudders as flak explodes
  74. Falcon is hit hard by another bolt
  75. racing toward the Star Destroyer
  76. Yoda perched on his feet
  77. he raises his arm and points at the ship
  78. levitated X-wing moves majestically
  79. clinging to the side of the Avenger
  80. Fett, aboard the Slave I
  81. two equipment cases slowly rise
  82. cloud cars draw up alongside the ship.
  83. cloud cars escort the Falcon
  84. Falcon head for the majestic metropolis
  85. Falcon sets down
  86. Calrissian...leads a group of aides
  87. "You've got a lot of guts coming here,
  88. kisses her hand
  89. the way across the bridge
  90. You must complete the training!
  91. "There is another."
  92. she moves from a large, open window
  93. The Dark Lord quickly raises his hand, deflecting the bolts
  94. slightly behind him, is Boba Fett
  95. They arrived right before you did."
  96. Chewie sticks the droid's head on its torso
  97. Han is strapped to a rack
  98. "You may take Captain Solo to Jabba the Hutt after
  99. what about Leia and the Wookiee?
  100. X-wing races through the thick clouds
  101. the large carbon-freezing chamber
  102. Han and Leia look sorrowfully at one another
  103. gives her a final, passionate kiss
  104. Solo looks one final time at this friends
  105. Lando shakes his head in relief
  106. Luke walks warily toward the stairway.
  107. dark figure standing on a walkway above
  108. two combatants clash in battle
  109. the Wookiee turns on his benefactor
  110. "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold."
  111. Fett's ship takes off
  112. Leia looks up in anguish
  113. like a giant black bird
  114. a quick lightsaber exchange
  115. a tunnel-like entrance
  116. knocked out of the window
  117. hangs over the edge
  118. troopers send a rain of laserbolts
  119. race for the Millennium Falcon
  120. Falcon lifts gracefully into the twilight sky
  121. toward the gantry
  122. It is useless to resist."
  123. Luke backs off along the narrow
  124. cutting off his hand
  125. "I am your father."
  126. That's impossible!"
  127. "Join me,
  128. Luke falling far below
  129. legs around the fragile instrument
  130. Falcon dives to the underside of the floating city
  131. help the battered warrior inside the ship
  132. laser assault on the fleeing ship
  133. Artoo is busy connecting some wires
  134. sprayed by a shower of sparks
  135. Luke realizes that Vader is very near.
  136. Falcon unexpectedly shoots into hyperspace
  137. Vader turns slowly and walks off the bridge
  138. pricks each of Luke's fingers
  139. Luke walks over to Princess Leia
  140. streaks into the cosmos in search of Han Solo
  141. The droids stand at the large window
  142. Luke, Leia, and the droids watch
  143. the Cruiser turns, and moves away into space.

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