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ROJ Widevision trading cards

There are 144 common cards (9 per pack), 6 mini-poster cards (1 per box), 10 Topps Finest chromium chase cards of McQuarrie art (one in every 12 packs), and one Boba Fett redemption for a 3-D Ackbar card (one per case). There are four wrappers: Jabba / SW Galaxy Magazine; Luke & biker scout / one-of-a-kind SW book; Han / one-of-a-kind SW book; B-wings / SW Galaxy Magazine. 1996-01.

redemption prize

mini-poster cards

  1. advance one-sheet
  2. style B one-sheet
  3. re-release one-sheet
  4. japan
  5. japan
  6. poland

chromium chase cards

  1. vader / shuttle
  2. droid torture
  3. jabba's throne room
  4. a huge and terrifying monster
  5. the sail barge explodes
  6. luke on speeder bike
  7. B-wings and star destroyer
  8. lightsaber duel
  9. force lightning
  10. falcon in the death star

common cards

  2. Star Destroyer moves overhead
  3. shuttle rockets from the main bay
  4. Aboard the Imperial shuttle
  5. shuttle roars toward the Death Star
  6. Within the waistband
  7. "You may dispense with the pleasantries, Commander.
  8. the road toward the ominous palace
  9. a spidery mechanical arm, with a large electronic eyeball
  10. Bib Fortuna
  11. monarch of the galactic underworld
  12. ten-foot-tall hologram of Luke
  13. Behind the droid can be seen a torture rack
  14. branding irons are pressed to his [sic] feet
  15. the Max Rebo band
  16. Boushh
  17. Fett reacts reflexively
  18. double sunset
  19. Han's face begins to melt away
  20. "Someone who loves you."
  21. within a few inches of Jabba's ugly blob of a head
  22. "You will take me to Jabba now!"
  23. the immense Hutt is not impressed.
  24. Luke warns Jabba
  25. Lando, recognizable behind his mask
  26. a giant, fanged rancor emerges
  27. Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett
  28. In the grip of the rancor
  29. crashing down on the rancor's head
  30. Luke, Han and Chewie
  31. sail barge moves across the desert
  32. I see a big light blur."
  33. repulsive, mucous-lined hole
  34. Fortuna...within the observation deck
  35. Free us or die."
  36. hacks the bounty hunter's gun in half
  37. a series of blasts from a big cannon
  38. Fett fires a cable
  39. Another blast from the barge's deck gun
  40. long spear in his hand whacking squarely
  41. the princess pulls for all she's worth
  42. he dangles above Lando and the pit
  43. drags him to his doom
  44. Han adjusts his aim
  45. Crumb picks out one of the golden droid's eyes
  46. sending him skyward with a scream
  47. Leia turns toward the barge cannon, climbs on
  48. Luke and Leia swing out toward the skiff
  49. Threepio's legs stick straight up
  50. one final conflagration
  51. Thousands of Imperial troops in tight formation
  52. "Rise, my friend."
  53. X-wing in the damp environs of the sinister swamp
  54. "There is...another...Sky...Sky...Skywalker."
  55. Kenobi tells Luke about his twin sister.
  56. The vast [yeah, right] Rebel fleet
  57. Hundreds [yeah, right] of Rebel commanders
  58. a holographic model
  59. Ackbar steps forward
  60. holograms of the Death Star and the Endor moon
  61. knock out the main reactor."
  62. Calrissian has volunteered to lead the fighter attack
  63. Super Star Destroyer can be seen through the viewscreen.
  64. "Chewie and I will take care of this."
  65. Luke and Leia pursue
  66. Luke gains control of the bike
  67. two more Imperial scouts
  68. taking a hit, Luke
  69. scout parallel to Leia
  70. Luke and the last remaining scout
  71. Vader...approaches the throne
  72. Surrounded by Ewoks
  73. high in the giant trees
  74. their babies
  75. the pit under Han with firewood
  76. Threepio...rises from the ground
  77. the Ewoks rush up
  78. Threepio is in the midst of a long, animated speech
  79. my sister has it."
  80. shuttle...lands gracefully on the platform
  81. figure emerges from the shuttle
  82. walker approaches the platform
  83. surrenduring himself, Luke
  84. prepare to jump to hyperspace on my mark."
  85. the huge [yeah, right] fleet roars into hyperspace
  86. Calamari crew watch from the bridge

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