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SW Widevision trading cards

There are several promo cards (see ), 144 common cards (10 per pack), and 10 Topps Finest chromium chase cards of McQuarrie art (one in every 11 packs). There are three wrappers (deluxe trading card album offer; one-of-a-kind Star Wars art book offer; and Star Wars Galaxy Magazine ad). 1995-02 Chromium chase cards:
  1. C-3PO and R2-D2 kick up clouds of sand
  2. Luke Skywalker watches the setting of Tatooine's twin suns
  3. Falcon enters the Death Star
  4. Luke & Leia prepare to swing
  5. the Dark Lord of the Sith challenges Luke Skywalker
  6. TIE fighters close in on the Millennium Falcon
  7. Y-wings approach the Death Star
  8. TIE chasing an X-wing
  9. X-wing in the trench
  10. medal ceremony procession (with Ben!?!)
Common cards:
  1. One of several poster concepts
  2. Closing in on an escaping Rebel Blockade Runner
  3. Rebel ship is being drawn into the underside
  4. Inside the besieged Rebel Blockade Runner are two droids
  5. nervous Rebel troops aim their weapons
  6. passageway is ablaze with laserfire
  7. Leia, an Alderaan senator, bends down in front of R2-D2
  8. Vader squeezes the neck
  9. She steps from her hiding place
  10. Inside the speeding escape pod
  11. C-3PO passes an enormous krayt dragon skeleton
  12. a powerful magnetic ray shoots out
  13. a sandcrawler
  14. reunited inside the sandcrawler
  15. "Look, sir -- droids"
  16. farmer Owen Lars
  17. In the garage
  18. lovely little holo-princess
  19. In the dining area
  20. twin suns of Tatooine
  21. zoom across the Tatooine plains
  22. Two weather-beaten Sand People
  23. two large banthas
  24. Tusken Raider attacks Luke
  25. a shabby, old desert rat of a man
  26. dented and tangled C-3PO
  27. Ben hands Luke his father's lightsaber
  28. It binds the universe together."
  29. young Rebel princess is projected
  30. the Death Star"
  31. Eight imperial officials
  32. "And what of the Rebellion?"
  33. Dark Lord uses the Force to make a point
  34. the burning homestead
  35. ball-shaped interrogator droid enters
  36. overlooking the spaceport
  37. landspeeder is stopped
  38. murky, moldy cantina den
  39. hefty, rough-looking bartender
  40. the wolfman of Mos Eisley
  41. Momaw Nadon, an Ithorian
  42. Kenobi's lightsaber sparks to life
  43. Chewbacca the Wookiee and Han Solo
  44. Han Solo is about to leave the cantina
  45. Solo slowly reaches for his gun under the table
  46. stilt-like "legs" that trundle past
  47. "What a piece of junk!"
  48. Falcon rises above the dingy slum
  49. two huge Imperial Star Destroyers
  50. Star Destroyers fire at the Millennium Falcon
  51. Stars become streaks
  52. a bound Princess Leia is brought to Grand Moff Tarkin
  53. A huge beam of green light
  54. Eight pulsing, green rays emanate from the surface
  55. blown into space dust
  56. The Jedi Knight suddenly turns away
  57. circular table covered with small holographic monsters
  58. a chrome baseball-like droid
  59. just coming out of hyperspace
  60. Inside the Millennium Falcon cockpit
  61. towed closer to the awesome, metal moon
  62. Falcon is pulled past a docking port control room
  63. Vader and a commander approach
  64. "I sense something..."
  65. two floor panels suddenly pop up
  66. blasted by Han Solo, dressed as an Imperial stormtrooper
  67. "She's rich"
  68. they wait for a turbolift to arrive
  69. "Where are you taking this...thing?"
  70. the Princess grabs Luke's gun
  71. Han and Leia try to brace contracting walls
  72. The old Jedi edges his way along a narrow ledge
  73. Luke fires back at attacking stormtroopers
  74. Luke and Leia swing across
  75. Vader and Ben Kenobi laserduel [sic]
  76. Luke...returns their fire
  77. Falcon powers away from the enormous Death Star
  78. Leia puts a blanket around him
  79. One of the ships maneuvers in front of Han
  80. Luke swivels in his gun mount
  81. Falcon...drifts into orbit around the planet Yavin
  82. Falcon soars over the dense jungle
  83. Death Star ominously approaches the red planet
  84. room is filled with starpilots
  85. Han and Chewbacca loading small boxes
  86. The hangar is buzzing
  87. a lone guard standing on a small watchtower
  88. fighters flying in formation
  89. locking them into the "X" position
  90. Death Star aims its massive laser guns
  91. lighted, computer table
  92. five, [sic] ferocious Imperial TIE ships dive
  93. TIE fighter fires several laserbolts at Biggs
  94. huge, [sic] glass panels
  95. Another X-wing joins him
  96. A wide-angle shot of the surface of the Death Star.
  97. sophisticated computer consoles
  98. Two Y-wings skim the Death Star surface
  99. Three X-wing fighters zoom
  100. his ship explodes and bursts into flames
  101. Laserbolts are flung from Vader's TIE
  102. Vader's gloved hands make contact with the control sticks
  103. fires laserbolts at Biggs' X-wing
  104. "You may fire when ready"
  105. Vader's center fighter unleashes a volley of laserfire
  106. Falcon streaks out of nowhere
  107. Leia and the others listen
  108. Luke holds his breath
  109. the shots do find their mark
  110. Death Star bursts into a supernova
  111. "Great shot, kid.
  112. Vader's damaged ship spins off
  113. race toward the fourth moon of Yavin
  114. "I knew you'd come back!
  115. Luke, Han, and Chewbacca enter
  116. He winks at her.
  117. Proudly displaying their medals
  118. applause greets Luke, Han and the others
  119. the cover for the U.S. souvenir program book
  120. An elaborate Japanese poster

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