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In approximate chronological order.

Today (NBC), 1977-07-11
Live interview with Mark, Carrie, and Harrison.
Bob Hope Christmas special (CBS), 1977
Mark Hamill guest stars. Princess Olivia, Fluke Sleepwalker, Bart Vaiter.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 1978-01-28
Bill Murray sings "Star Wars" in a musical bar skit.
The Academy Awards (), 1978-02
Mark Hamill and C-3PO were presenters(?)
The Richard Pryor Show (), 1978
"Star Wars Bar" skit.
The Donny & Marie Show, 1978
SW Holiday Special, Friday 1978-11-17
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 1978-11-18
"Beach Blanket Bimbo" starring Carrie Fisher
The Muppet Show, 1979
Mark Hamill, Chewie, and the droids
Sesame Street (PBS), 1981
droids were in two episodes
Movie Blockbusters: The 15 Greatest Hits of All Time (), 1983
Donald Duck's 50th Birthday, 1984
R2-D2 and C-3PO tribute Donald's voice.
Full House
Stephanie sports an ANH-Leia hairdo.
The Simpsons (Fox), 1990-02-04
Episode 5: "Bart the General". Part of Bart's monologue: "There are no good wars, with the following exceptions: the American Revolution, World War II, and the Star Wars Trilogy."
The Simpsons (Fox), 1991-12-26
Season 3: "I Married Marge". In a flashback episode to Marge & Homer's courtship, one particular date apparently occurred in May of 1980. As Mr. Simpson and Miss Bouvier walk out of a theater under a marquee reading "The Empire Strikes Back", Homer blurts out to everyone lined up for the next show that "Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father!" The throng groans at the ruined surprise plot twist. Also, Homer tells Marge "You're as pretty as Princess Leia, and as smart as Yoda."
The Simpsons (Fox), 1992-10-15
Season 4: "Lisa the Beauty Queen". Lisa is shown briefly with Leia buns hairdo.
The Simpsons (Fox), 1992-11-05
Season 4: "Marge gets a Job". Mr. Burns' theme music is the "Imperial March".
The Simpsons (Fox), 1994-09-11
Season 6: "Lisa's Rival". Young Ralph Wiggum wins the school's diorama contest with a box of his MOC Star Wars figures. He later falls on them and laments "I think I bent my Wookiee" (double entendre obviously intended). Earlier in that same episode, Lisa and a classmate play an anagram game where the letters in "Alec Guinness" are rearranged into "genuine class".
The Simpsons (Fox)
Lisa is treated to a very good animated likeness of Vader (better than the one in the Holiday Special's Nelvana segment) when she sees her deceased mentor "Bleeding Gums" Murphy as a Lion King-inspired cloud. Murphy is joined in rapid succession by three cloud-ghosts with James Earl Jones (imitated) voices: Mufasa, Vader, and CNN announcer. [It is interesting to note that Jones himself has done voice work on The Simpsons: in their Halloween special he voiced the chief onboard an alien invasion craft; and he gave a superb reading of Poe's "damnable bird poem", The Raven.]
The Simpsons (Fox)
The family is at the outdoor concert and the Star Wars theme is playing. Homer says, "They're butchering the classics, John Williams is rolling over in his grave." Marge answers, "Homer, he isn't dead yet."
The Simpsons (Fox),
The nuclear plant going to destruct (or something along that line) when Smithers rushes in to get Burns out, who then says "Evacuate? In my moment of triumph?"
The State (MTV),
One sketch had a young man calling a fictitious Talk-to-Carrie-Fisher 900 number. He tells her how hot she looked in the slave girl outfit, she thanks him, and then he asks her if she gets royalties from those films.
The State (MTV),
Two cast member swap Chewbacca impressions via telephone.
The State (MTV),
In the final episode, a lengthy skit detailed the career of a talent agent who had been trained as a Jedi master by Yoda. The writer of this sketch must have been a huge fan, because many familiar (and more than one obscure) lines of dialogue had been lovingly spoofed. Sending a vision of hope to a struggling writer, a la Obi-Wan's ghostly sendings, the Jedi talent agent excuses himself when call-waiting beeps in -- he warns the caller not to "screw with me, [or] I'll come back more powerful than you could ever imagine" in a nasal Brooklyn accent. And apparently someone at The State disliked real life talent agent Michael Ovitz, whose name was used for a Sith Lord evil agent. At one point the Dark Jedi levitates and telekinetically chokes one of two jawas who had been pilfering his office equipment in the background.
Neat Stuff (TLC), 1995
"Unidentified Flying Objets d'Art" An interview with super-collector Steve Sansweet at his home. Various other small Star Wars snippets throughout the show
Saturday Night Live (NBC), early 1996
The episode opened with a mock Nightline interview with (then Senator and presidential hopeful) Bob Dole. When Norm MacDonald as Dole claimed that he would soon become a "beam of pure energy", the Ted Koppel asked, "like Obi-Wan Kenobi?" To which Dole muttered, "Yeah! Sure... whoever that is."
News Radio, 1996-03
Boba Fett made an appearance... sort of. Sure, it was just a 1995 action figure, mysteriously attached to a wooden base, but the scene -- which lasted scant seconds -- contained surprisingly accurate dialogue about the bounty hunter. The figure was used as a good luck charm in a poker game. Its owner correctly said that he was in ESB and ROJ, whereas most of the general public might have erroneously included ANH as well.
The Parent Hood, early 1996 and 1996-06-26
Robert's father has a dream in which he's fighting a mostly Darth Vader figure with multicolored, telescoping, lighted lightsabers
Suddenly Susan, Fall 1996
Someone tells Brooke Shields' character that she's "as tall as a Wookiee".
Friends, 1996-12 (repeat)
Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) dresses up as Princess Leia as Jabba's slave.
News Radio, 1996-12-13
Dave Foley received a Japanese sword from a co-worker. He's playing with it, and when no one is looking, he holds the sword out and says, "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine..." and then quickly drops the sword when someone comes in.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 1997-01-11
Kevin Spacey. A double-impression skit featuring Star Wars auditions: Walter Matthau (Spacey) as Ben, Burt Reynolds (Norm MacDonald) as Vader, Jack Lemmon as Chewie, Richard Dreyfus (Daryl Hammond) as 3PO, Christopher Walken (Spacey) as Han, Barbara Streisand as Leia.
The Simpsons (Fox), 1997-01-12
Chewbacca appeared in a line-up of aliens viewed by the X-Files people.
Access Hollywood (syndicated), 1997-02-08
One full hour of SWSE stuff.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC), 1997-02-10
Vader / Evita skit; Carrie Fisher interview.
The Late Show with David Letterman, 1997-02-10
SW fan club skit
The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, 1997-02-10
Mark Hamill interview
The Price is Right (syndicated), 1997-02-14
A huge array of 1996 Kenner toys was one of the prizes.
MTV movie special (MTV), 1997-02-15
Entertainment Tonight (syndicated), 1997-02-15
Lucas interview, etc.
Pretender, 1997-02-16
A woman offers SW references to a clueless Jarod.
Sci-Fi Channel special (Sci-Fi), 1997-02-16
Oprah, 1997-02-18
RealTV, 1997
Episode 153. Black&white SW auditions of 1976.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC), 1997-03-06
young Vader skit
Psi Factor, 1997-03-22
"I thought they smelled bad on the outside!"
Friends, 1997-03-27
Monica: (About her rich "boyfriend")... he actually _has_ everything!
Chandler: (Doubting) Lifesize Imperial stormtrooper from Sharper Image?
Monica: (Holding up her fingers to indicate...) Two of them.
Chandler: Can Joey and I put them on and fight?
Roseanne, 1997-05-14
Guest star Debbie Reynolds brought several SW references.
NewsRadio, 1997-05-21
During one news broadcast they do the Death Star explosion from the point of view of the Empire. It was really cute and worth catching those 10 seconds! The broadcast went something like this: Tragic news just coming in that the Death Star has been blown up killing almost 3 million on board. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the friends and families of those killed. At this time all that is known is that a group of Rebels was responsible for the act and the police are actively investigating. Fortunately Lord Vader was not on board the space station when it exploded.
Access Hollywood (syndicated), 1997-06-10
merchandise money-making
MTV Movie Awards (MTV), 1997-06-12
Chewbacca received the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Carrie Fisher
Bill Nye the Science Guy (PBS), 1997
The episode about balance and center of gravity featured a sketch titled "Balance Wars" in which a teenage Luke used "the forks" to climb a balance beam to reach baby Yoda.
Mad About You, 1997
Paul Reiser sported an ANH-Leia bagel hairdo.
Dexter's Laboratory (Cartoon Network), 1997-98
The password for Dexter's lab is "Star Wars".
South Park, 1997-10?
Every child in the class dressed up as Chewbacca for Halloween.
Dr. Katz, 1998-
a rant about the Darth Vader talking bank; Vader doing laundry.
South Park, 1998-04-01
This was an episode of Terence and Philip where Saddam Hussein tries to take over Canada. During the show, there's a dialog between Saddam and Scott who's responsible for bringing Saddam into Canada.
Saddam: "I'm altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further"
Scott: "This deal is getting worse all the time"
Mega Movie Magic (Discovery), 1998-05-24
A little bit about computer graphics, focusing on the ANH:SE Jabba.
Daria, 1998-06
The counselor tells Daria that nobody likes people who are always looking on the dark side of things, and Daria asks her "The Dark Side... Like the Force?"
South Park, 1998-08-19
The Sundance Film Festival moves to South Park and destroys the town. At one point when the Hollywood Planet restaurant is being constructed in the background with a large earth that looks just like a DS in construction, Mr. Hankey gets really sick and is on the ground. He tells Kyle "Come closer" "There is another..."
South Park, 1998-08-26
All the kids get chicken pox and their parents get herpes. While Cartman is taking a calamine lotion bath, we writes about how he wishes the Earth were like Endor.
Celebrity Death Match (MTV), 1998-10-15
You don't want to miss the claymation versions of Mayhew and Hamill getting their heads split open by the alien Celine Dion. It's particularly funny because it shows SW fans as being complete and utter geeks, and because the announcers tie several "limited edition" collectibles in to their broadcast.
Access Hollywood (syndicated), 1998-11-04
EP1 behind-the-scenes
Entertainment Tonight (syndicated), 1998-11-10
EP1 banner (Anakin in desert with Vader's shadow) unveiled at Mann's Chinese Theater
Just Shoot Me (NBC), 1998-11-24
David Spade becomes a stalker to Mark Hamill, then Mark does the same to David to teach him a lesson.
The Simpsons (Fox), 1998-12-20
Season 10: "Mayored to the Mob". Mark Hamill was on... and did a stirring rendition of "Luke be a Jedi tonight".
Access Hollywood (syndicated), 1999-01-05
EP1 behind-the-scenes; Vanity Fair photos expose'
The Thirteenth Year (Disney), 1999-05-15
"Use the Force, Cody!" (lightsaber sounds)
The Mythology of Star Wars With George Lucas and Bill Moyers (PBS), 1999-06-18
The film director discusses his life and work.
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (CBS), summer 1999
many many tiny references, almost weekly. Major ones include: a writer performing the ewok celebration song; .
That 70's Show, 1999
Episode 24: "A New Hope".
The Family Guy, 1999-09-26
mega SW stuff
The Simpsons (Fox), 1999-10-31
Season 11: "Treehouse of Horror X". They call the villain "Obi-Wan" and he uses a Darth Maul lightsaber.
Dawson's Creek, 2000-02-03
While contemplating attending a party, Pacey says to Dawson, "Is this doubt I'm hearing, young Skywalker? (an obvious comparison between the morally pure Dawson and Luke). And it continues:
Pacey: "Your hero's journey begins now my friend."
Dawson: "Pacey Witter, poor man's Yoda."
Pacey: "Actually, I always considered myself more of the Han Solo type; rogueish good looks, devil-may-care attitude."
(Enter Jack)
Pacey: "Hey, here comes my Chewbacca!"
Later, Joey opts to go to the party, saying, "Someone's gotta keep Dawson from falling to the Dark Side."
Inside the Actor's Studio (Bravo), 2000-08-20
Harrison Ford
Futurama, 2000-11-28
"jedi training" spoof [photo] [photo]
Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network), 2000?
"Ploys 'R' Us": Bubbles says "Junk!" as she throws a Jar Jar Binks action figure over her shoulder.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
season 7 "Conversations with Dead People":
WARREN: "If you strike me down..."
ANDREW: "I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine." ... "That boy is our last hope."
WARREN: "No, there is another."
The Simpsons (Fox), 2001-02-04
Season 12: "Worst Episode Ever". Martin's mother has a box containing "A handwritten script for Star Wars by George Lucas. Princess Leia's anti-jiggle breast tape. A film reel labeled 'Alternate ending: Luke's father is Chewbacca!'".
Entertainment Tonight (syndicated), 2001-07-03
Mark Hamill discusses his role in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"
The Incurable Collector
Gus Lopez
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2001-10
"Anne Heche" (played by Reese Witherspoon) posts her "résumé" as the answer to Final Jeopardy. It lists Chewbacca as one of the people she's slept with.
Alias (ABC), 2001-12-09
Francie names "The Empire Strikes Back" while rattling off a list of the greatest movies of all time.
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (Nickelodeon), 2002-04-20
Episode 1: "When Pants Attack" "What about Luke Skywalker, your hero? I tell ya, the Force was with that guy's pants!"
E! Live from the Red Carpet (E!), 2002-05-12
interviews from the LA and NYC premiers of AOC
Official SW Fan Film Awards (Sci-Fi), 2002-05-12
hosted by Kevin Smith
SW The Force is Back (E!), 2002-05-16
one hour of history and interviews, hosted by Sam Jackson
True Life (MTV), 2002-07-14
"I Have Embarassing Parents": teenager's father takes him to Star Wars convention
Eye Drops (TechTV), 2002-09-21
Features the fan-film "Womb Wars"
"Taken" (Sci-fi), 2002-12-06
Episode 5. Children were wearing Halloween costumes of Vader, Chewbacca, etc.
"Muppet Christmas Special", 2002-12
A small green head with big ears pops up and tells Kermit "do or do not, there is no try". And "He is not ready."
A Dating Story (TLC), 2002-12-19
Angela & Shawn visit The Magic of Myth exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.
Yes Dear (CBS), 2003-01-19
One of the guys has a storage bin full of SW stuff, although most of it is newer stuff, still funny though. Boxed stuff, loose 12" figs, the guy is wearing a Stormtrooper knock-off costume and later on is in a Chewie costume.
The Fairly Oddparents "Movie Magic" (Nickelodeon), 2003-01-27
One of the sequences in Timmy's movie is the trench run
The Fairly Oddparents "Hard Copy" (Nickelodeon), 2003
Timmy uses a magic copy machine to create "Dark Laser", who in turn creates chubby droidekas and a star destroyer.
Alias (ABC), 2003-03-30
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"
The Directors (Encore/Reelz), 2003-04-03
Episode 146: "The Films of George Lucas". Nice documentary.
The Fairly Oddparents "Microphoney" (Nickelodeon), 2003-08-01
Chester says "Luke, I am your father" with the deep-voice microphone.
The Fairly Oddparents "Abracatastrophe" (Nickelodeon), 2003-08
A great parody of the Bespin Gantry scene.
The Fairly Oddparents (Nickelodeon), 2003-11-01
Episode 78: "Lights! Camera! Adam!". The Crimson Chin writes his name in cement right next to R2-D2's footprints
Modern Marvels "Toys" (The History Channel), 2003-12-24
Includes an extremely short segment on SW at the end, including snippets of Mark Boudreaux and James Gallo.
Junkyard Mega-Wars (TLC), 2004-02-22
ILM effects team builds a giant killer R2-D2.
Animaniacs / Pinky and the Brain, 2004-02-29
Episode 126: "Star Warners". The entire cast participates in a great SW parody of Episode 4, with Yoda and Jabba thrown in.
The Simpsons (Fox), 2004-03-21
Season 15: "Co-Dependents' Day". Bart and Lisa find the filmmaker of bad movie "Cosmic Wars" and force him to release a special edition of it.
Life & Times (Biography), 2004
"Mark Hamill: A Force to be Reckoned With"
Empire of Dreams (A&E), 2004-09-12
When SW Ruled the World (VH1), 2004-09-18
Lots of funny, interesting, irreverent interview bits from pros and "superfans". But who the heck is Ming-Na?
Life & Times (Biography), 2004-10-20
Episode 50. Mark Hamill.
Southern Living Presents "Star Wars Artist" (Turner South Network), 2004-10-23
Drawn Together (Comedy Central), 2004?
Toot eats until she becomes very Jabba-like and has the elf-guy dressed in slave-girl gear.
Everwood, 2004-11-21
One of the doctors made a reference to fighting with plastic SW lightsabers. He got the scar under his chin when his opponent's blade cracked.
Lost (NBC),
Episode 9. Hurley: "That was like... a Jedi moment."
America's Next Top Model (UPN), 2004-12-03
When one of the models was having a problem, the director asked her if she had ever seen AOC or any SW, because she needed to look like a princess.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2005-02-05
A SW geek talks to Tina Fey as "Princess Leia" at a phone sex agency.
The Fairly Oddparents (Nickelodeon), 2005-03-06
Episode 137: "Teeth for Two". Cosmo suggests the name "Chewbacca" for Timmy's two front teeth.
Cinematech (G4), 2005-05-11
30 minutes of "trailers" from SW games
Game Makers (G4), 2005-05-12
episode 69: "Star Wars"
Icons (G4), 2005-05-12
"Star Wars"
TRL (MTV), 2005-05-13
pretending to be live, at Skywalker Ranch
The Family Guy, 2005-05-15
Peter's award ceremony is exactly like ANH's medal ceremony.
Filter (G4), 2005-05-16
"Best SW Characters"
Science of SW (Discovery), 2005-05-16
"Man & Machine"
Science of SW (Discovery), 2005-05-17
"Space Cowboys"
Science of SW (Discovery), 2005-05-18
"War, Weaponry & The Force"
Behind the Scenes (E!), 2005-05-19
Animal Icons (Animal Channel), 2005-05-19
"SW Creatures"
X-Play (G4), 2005-05-23
celebration 3 special, hilarious
Undergrads (MTV),
One of the main characters is a SW geek who converts his school dorm floor from Trekkies into fellow jedi followers.
My Name is Earl, 2005-09-07
Episode 2, "Quit Smoking". "Luke I am your father."
Gilmore Girls, 2005-09-22
The guy (Luke) argues that with all the Jedi abilities Ani has, how is it that just by standing up on a little hill, Obi-Wan has the advantage, etc. The girl (Lorelai) held firm with the whole "it was a movie we saw months ago, let it go already" stand. Later in the episode, Luke was situated at a higher elevation and he was debating with Lorelai, and he ended the debate by saying that since he had the higher ground, he had the advantage, and thus won.
Criminal Minds (CBS), 2005-09-22
"Try not. Do or do not. Yoda"
Attack of the Show (G4), 2005-09-27
Sansweet interview
My Name is Earl (NBC), 2005-09-28
Randy tells Earl to say "Luke I am your Father" into a voice changer.
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (Disney), 2005-10-01
"The Force is strong in this one." -- Arwin wearing a welding mask
The Office (NBC), 2005-10-11
Episode 10, "Fire". Michael: "I'm like Mr. Miyagi and Yoda rolled into one". Then, Ryan thinks Michael's Yoda impression is Fozzie Bear.
Jeopardy (syndicated), 2005-10-13
During kids' week, one category was "SW Forever"
The Office (NBC), 2005-10-22
"I'm a friggin' Sith Lord"
Unfabulous (Nickelodeon), 2005-10-30
Three children are dressed as Darth Vader
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2005-12-17
Episode 711. Jack Black at a drafty Sbarro: "Let's eat this before the portal to Hoth opens again!"
Pop Nation (Discovery), 2005-12-27
Episode 1. Snippets of an interview with Steve Sansweet & random factoids
Surface (NBC), 2006-01
"Help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope"
Jump Cuts (Comedy Central), 2006-02-01
"George Lucas in Love" broadcast uncut in its entirety!
Stargate SG-1 (Sci-fi), 2006-03-03
They were discussing virgin births and Teal'c's response was 'Darth Vader'.
Trading Spouses (Fox), 2006-03-24 and 2006-03-31
Judy Hornaday, SW Galaxies addict
Alias (ABC), 2006-05
In the series finale of Alias, Marshall tells someone "that was so cool! Seriously, that was like Empire Strikes Back cool!"
Unacceptable Behavior [Latino sketch comedy] (SITV), 2006-05-29
"Comida and a movie: SW"
Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior (Disney), 2006-06-25
Wendy tells her martial arts teacher: "You know, Yoda, this is already getting a little too Star Warsy for me"
Styleyes (SITV), 2006-05-16
Episode 32: "It's in the Bag". Brendan of Han Cholo in L.A. shows some hand-made SW jewelry
Kappa Mikey (Nickelodeon), 2006
Episode "Mikey Impossible". As an example of how good Guano is under pressure, we see him wearing stormtrooper armor in the trash compactor with a red R2, screaming as the walls close in.
Hannah Montana (Disney), 2006-06-30
Episode 11: "O Say, Can You Remember the Words?". Dad: "I clocked him at 58 miles an hour in his roller skates... in a Yoda costume!"
Famous (Biography), 2006-07-20
Episode 60. Harrison Ford biography.
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Cartoon Network), 2006-08-01
Episode 49: "Bus the Two of Us". At the toll booth: "Target's coming up... Almost there... It's Away! Negative. Didn't go in. It just impacted on the surface."
Made (MTV), 2006-08-21
Episode 80: "Pageant Queen". Chubby Yoda-lover Lillie of Dayton undergoes a 5-week makeover and enters the Miss Teen Ohio International pageant. (No Star Wars content after the first 5 minutes in Lillie's bedroom, other than people saying "Try not" a lot.)
Family Guy, 2006
Darth Vader as a depressed meter maid?
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (Disney), 2006-09-08
Episode 57: "Volley Dad". "It's not my fault we have a refrigerator the size of R2-D2!"
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (Nickelodeon), 2006-09-24
Episode 41B: "Dodgeball". Cookie dresses in black with voice changing motocross helmet and Imperial March-like music plays; "Use the Force, Moze!"
The Simpsons (Fox), 2006-09-24
Season Eighteen: "Please Homer Don't Hammer 'Em". Bart and Skinner battle with sticks of shrimp and peanuts to "Duel of the Fates".
12 Oz. Mouse (Cartoon Network), 2006-10-15.
Episode 11, "Star Wars VII". [contents unknown]
30 Rock (NBC), 2006-11-01
Episode 4: "Jack the Writer" "I always feel like I'm entering the Death Star. I expect to see stormtroopers." "It'll be fine, Captain Needa." "No! Captain Needa dies. He dies!" [later] "It's like that scene where you see the back of Darth Vader's head with his helmet off..."
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2006-11-11
Tracy Morgan: "I've seen SW 500 times." "I have seen SW 500 times." "I'm a personal friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi."
30 Rock (NBC), 2006-11-15
Episode 5: "Jack-Tor". Frank says his lawyer(?) is named Lando Calrissian.
30 Rock (NBC), 2006-12-07
Episode 7: "Tracy does Conan". "Chewbacca, can I talk to Tracy?"
The Suze Orman Show (CNBC), 2006-12-16
Episode 107. Eric fails to rationalize his obsession with hoarding Star Wars goods.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2007-01-13
Episode 734. Donald Trump: "Absolutely no questions about Jabba the Rosie!"
30 Rock (NBC), 2007-01-18
Episode 12, "The Head and the Hair". "It was like the Death Star tractor beam when the Falcon..."
The Simpsons (Fox), 2007-01-28
Season Eighteen: "Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times". During the end credits: "This episode is dedicated to all who died in the "Star Wars" films"
Lost (NBC), 2007-02-07
Sawyer: "...you fell for that Wookiee prisoner gag"
Family Guy, , 2007-02-11
A quick scene of Peter interacting with the ghosts of his stepfather, Obi-Wan, and Yoda -- just like the end of ROJ.
30 Rock (NBC), 2007-03-01
Episode 16, "The Source Awards". Liz: "You like Star Wars? I was Princess Leia for Halloween five years in a row! And that was recently!"
Hannah Montana (Disney), 2007-03-30
Episode 26, "Bad Moose Rising". "Moose Skywalker. May the forest be with you!"
30 Rock (NBC), 2007-04-05
Episode 18, "Fireworks". Thomas Jefferson: "May the Force be with you always". Liz: "I only have Star Wars and Tootsie, so we just watch those over and over."
30 Rock (NBC), 2007-04-12
Episode 19, "Corporate Crush". Liz: "And 'Attack of the Clones', which was seriously the worst of the Star Wars films..."
Drake & Josh (Nickelodeon), 2007-04-15
Episode 63, "Battle of Panthatar". Extensive use of www.masterreplicas.com Force FX lightsabers.
30 Rock (NBC), 2007-04-26
Episode 21, "Hiatus". Liz: "...cut you open like a tauntaun." Liz: "I look like Admiral Ackbar!"
The Office (NBC), 2007-04-26.
Episode 49, "". "When Han Solo swooped down in the Millennium Falcon..."
SW at 30 (G4), 2007-05-25
"Attack of the Show" personnel taped live at C4
X-Play (G4), 2007-05-25
Episode 807. Compilation of SW antics and reviews.
SW Tech (History), 2007-05-28
Comparing SW technology to the real world.
SW: The Legacy Revealed (History), 2007-05-28
EXTREMELY well-done documentary on the origins of many elements of the SW story.
25 Most Memorable Swimsuit Moments (E!), 2007-06-08
#16 was slave Leia.
Robot Chicken (Cartoon Network), 2007-06-17
Episode 42. SW Special.
Hannah Montana (Disney), 2007-07-21
Episode 42, "I Want You to Want Me... To Go to Florida". "...drooled on by Jabba the Gut."
The Colbert Report (Comedy Central), 2007-08?
"Drink your champagne because it's OK... you're not driving.. you're AT-AT walking!"
Family Guy (FOX), 2007-09-23
Episode 101, "Blue Harvest Parts 1 and 2".
Back at the Barnyard (Nickelodeon), 2007-09-29
Episode 1. "Did Luke Skywalker pass when he had to blow up the Death Star?"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2007-10-06
Episode 750. Game show host, talking about Gene Simmons: "Obi-Schwans Kenobi, that guy." Also, "The least popular [concert tour]? Yoda Minnesota."
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Cartoon Network), 2007-10-12
Episode 73, "Nightmare on Wilson Way". In Madam Foster's flashback she's wearing a Yoda costume.
30 Rock (NBC), 2007-10-25
Episode 26, "Rosemary's Baby". Guest star Carrie Fisher says "Help me, Liz Lemon, you're my only hope!"
Color Splash (HGTV), 2007-11-13
Episode 22, "May the Force Be With You". The designer creates a Star Wars themed bedroom for a little handicapped boy, complete with toys donated by Lucasfilm.
Bones (NBC), 2007-11-20
Episode ???, "The Knight on the Grid". Sweets: "It's like the Sith Lords, man, there's [sic] always only two of them."
Seeley: "Did you just Star Wars us?"
Back at the Barnyard (Nickelodeon), 2008-02-22
Episode 7. The animals' first "audition tape" for traffic safety awareness is a mini-SW parody with Luke Starporker, Princess Butterchurn, totally expendable service droids, and asteroids.
Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney), 2008-04-06
Episode 13, "Wizard School Part 1". On the PA system: "Will Justin Russo please report to Lost and Found? We have your cape and lightsaber."
30 Rock (NBC), 2008-04-24
Episode 35, "Succession". Tracy: "Tell it to me in Star Wars."
Frank: "We like R2-D2 and C-3PO... And up here we have a real person, like Han Solo. But down here we have a CGI stormtrooper..."
iCarly (Nickelodeon), 2008-04-26
Episode 21. "Sound like Spencer, not Darth Vader!"
Deal or No Deal (NBC), 2008-04-28
Episode 174. Twenty-five professional models all dressed as slave Leia. Nuff said!
The Office (NBC), 2008-05-15
Episode 80, "Goodbye Toby part 1". Holly says "Yoga" and Michael starts talking like Yoda.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2008-05-17
Episode 762. Mr. A-Hole: "Now do Yoda eating grass... May the Force be with you, babe."
Hannah Montana (Disney), 2008-07-06
Episode 51, "You Didn't Say It's Your Birthday". Lily: "Look! It's a barbecue-flavored Darth Vader!"
Attack of the Show (G4), 2008-08-14
Episode 926. Sansweet live via satellite
Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney), 2008-08-31
Episode 22, "Art Museum Piece". Alex: "Lighten up, if he was Obi-Wan Kenobi you'd be all into it." Justin: "Life-size Obi-Wan... I'll be right back!"
The Office (NBC), 2008-09-25
Episode 91, "Weight Loss Part 2". Michael posts a photo of Jabba the Hutt on the wall during his "Michael Klump" fat-suit meeting.
Weird Connections (The Science Channel), 2008-09-30
Episode 1, "The Locust That Watched Star Wars". Fascinating tale of how Star Wars -- and an insect -- enabled the creation of current proximity sensor technology.
30 Rock (NBC), 2008-11-07
Episode 302, "Believe in the Stars". Liz: "I never get put in a jury, I wear my Princess Leia costume and they dismiss me immediately."
iCarly (Nickelodeon), 2008-11-08
Episode 30, "iGo to Japan". Carly, about friend's stomach: "My gosh, it sounds like Chewbacca!"
Robot Chicken (Cartoon Network), 2008-11-16
"Star Wars Episode II"
The Big Bang Theory (CBS), 2008-11-17
"The Lizard-Spock Expansion". Characters take jabs at The Clone Wars (and Star Trek). Vanity card is an apology to George Lucas.
Two and a Half Men (CBS), 2008-12-15
Episode 126, "The Devil's Lube". James Earl Jones offers to record "I am your father" on somebody's answering machine.
30 Rock (NBC), 2009-01-08
Episode 44, "Senor Macho Solo". Liz: "...it must be like working in the Galactic Senate in Star Wars."
Stuart: "...We are also very concerned about the growing influence of the Sith lords."
30 Rock (NBC), 2009-02-05
Episode 47, "Generalissimo". Salma Hayek: "Here's today's script, I translated it and took out the Star Wars references."
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2009-02-07
Episode 779. Kristin Wiig as Kathy Lee Gifford says "We wanna be Benjamin Button and Yoda over here?"
Spectacular! (Nickelodeon), 2009-02-16
(TV movie). "It's Courtney, not Darth Vader!"
Hannah Montana (Disney), 2009-03-09
Episode 69, "You Give Lunch a Bad Name". Miley: "Hannah called in a little make-up favor from the Star Wars wookiee guy..."
30 Rock (NBC), 2009-03-12
Episode 51, "The Funcooker". Liz: "I am going to jury duty but I'll be right back. I've got my Princess Leia outfit..."
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2009-03-14
Episode 782. Tracy Morgan: "I'm not the droids you're looking for." and "Lorne Michaels... He's my Obi-Wan Kenobi"
30 Rock (NBC), 2009-03-26
Episode 53, "Apollo, Apollo". Tracy: "When I was a kid growing up in the projects, I would look up at the stars and dream of... killing an ewok!" Dot Com: "All systems are go for launch. Star Wars."
Lost (NBC), 2009-04-08
Episode ??, "Some Like it Hoth". Hurley writes an ESB script in 1977?
Phineas & Ferb (Disney), 2009-04-18
Episode 70, "The Chronicles of Meap, Parts I & II". "Look, he's headed for that small cloud!" "That's no cloud, that's a space station! I have a good feeling about this."
Hannah Montana (Disney), 2009-07-05
Episode 75, "He Could be the One". "You're so wrong, it's Anakin and Queen Amidala"
The Suite Life on Deck (Disney), 2009-08-07
Episode 23, "The Spy Who Shoved Me". "We're spies, not jedi!"
Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney), 2009-10-09
Episode 55, "Franken-Girl". Justin: "What's with the weird Yoda impression?"
30 Rock (NBC), 2009-10-22
Episode 60, "Into the Crevasse". "...jedi mind tricks..."
30 Rock (NBC), 2009-10-29
Episode 61, "Stone Mountain". One of the writers is shown wearing a Boba Fett costume in a flashback.
FlashForward (ABC), 2009-10-29
Episode 6. "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps". "Don't say a word, Obi-Wan" to Aaron wearing a jedi costume for Halloween.
30 Rock (NBC), 2010-01-14.
Episode 70, "Black Light Attack!". Jack: "For four years I've had to make do with what passes for men in this place, with their 'Stars', both 'Wars' and 'Trek'..."
Community (NBC), 2010-03-11.
Episode 18, "Basic Genealogy". Senor Chang: "Hey Phantom Menace! How's the trade embargo with the Naboo?"
30 Rock (NBC), 2010-05-20.
Episode 82, "I Do Do". Kenneth: "For four long years I have listened to you all complain about your... overpriced Star Wars memorabilia"
Chuck (NBC), 2010-09-27.
Morgan: "Every relationship has one... Anakin and Padme." (Later) Lester (waving hand): We're not the boys you're looking for."
Outsourced (NBC), 2010-09-30.
Episode 2, "The Measure of a Manmeet". "If they ever build another Death Star, there's a captain's chair with your name on it."
How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 2010-10-04.
Episode 6.3, "Unfinished". Ted and Marshall discuss the architecture of the Death Star.
Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney), 2010-10-15
Episode 95, "Wizards Exposed". "That old geezer is going crazy Yoda on them!"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2010-10-23
Episode 817. "...Or Yoda with a pot of chili."
Industrial Light (Encore), 2010-11-12.
Documentary about the history of ILM, with plenty of behind-the-scenes info from the SW saga.
30 Rock (NBC), 2010-11-18.
Episode 90, "College". Liz: "What is this, Jabba's pleasure barge?"
scientist: "The future is the TK-421."
Big Time Rush (), 2010-11-19
Episode 26, "Big Time Pranks". The winners of the prank war are crowned at an ANH medal ceremony.
Bones (NBC), 2010-12-02
Episode ???, "The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck". The solution for the crime revolves around purchasing Star Wars cards at inflated prices.
30 Rock (NBC), 2011-02-17.
Episode 97, "It's Never Too Late for Now". Anders: "So, did they make your droids wait outside, too?"
Liz: "Seriously! Why can't droids go into the cantina? I mean Ponda Baba can try to shoot Luke--"
Anders: "--but a protocol droid is somehow a problem?"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2010-10-23
Episode 831. Hosni Mubarak: "Jedi mind trick" "I was the droid they were looking for!"
Shake it Up (Disney), 2011-02-20.
Episode 12, "Show It Up". "Well then I guess this isn't a picture of a 7-year-old boy trick-or-treating as Princess Leia?" "She led the Republic! She was cool!"... "May the Force be with us".
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2011-02-24.
Episode 37, "Indianapolis". Tom: "I'm the Yoda of networking." Ben: "Well, Yoda wouldn't actually need networking, I mean, his powers were more spiritual..." Tom: "Shut up, you nerd!"
Chuck (NBC), 2011-03.
vintage action figures and "You can't split up Han and Chewie".
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2011-03-17.
Episode 38, "Harvest Festival". Ben: "You're like a ninja crossed with a jedi!" Tom: "You're like a nerd mixed with a dork or something." Ben: "Tom! Star Wars is not that nerdy!" Leslie (mocking): "No, Star Wars is not that nerdy!"
30 Rock (NBC), 2011-03-24.
Episode 100, "Plan B". Devon: "I sense something... A presence I've not felt since..."
The Office (NBC), 2011-04-21.
Episode 163, "Michael's Last Dundies". Dwight: "Always the padawan, never the jedi."
30 Rock (NBC), 2011-04-28.
Episode 105, "". Kim Jong-Il: "Luke, I am your father!"
Globe Trekker (PBS), 2011-05-01
Episode 434, "Tunisia & Libya". Includes brief visits to Episode IV Tatooine filming locations.
Chuck (NBC), 2011-05.
Chuck: "Move it along Chewie."
Sarah: "Chewie? Why are you calling him Chewie?"
Chuck: "Honey, it's a reference to Star W... Oh, I love you."
Community (NBC), 2011-05-12.
Episode 51, "For a Few Paintballs More, Part 2". Opening crawl; Abed as Han Solo; lots of dialog and Star Wars-like scenes throughout.
Falling Skies (TNT), 2011-06-19.
Episode 1, "". During the battle briefing, the survivors were using Star Wars action figures as the pieces on the attack mat.
Sand Masters (Travel), 2011-06-19.
Episode 5, "Star Wars LEGOLand".
Challenge (Food), 2011-07-03.
Episode 236, "Star Wars Cakes".
Leverage (TNT), 2011-07-11.
Episode 47, "The 15 Minutes Job". Parker and Hardison debate puppet Yoda vs. CGI Yoda throughout the episode.
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2011-09-29.
Episode 49, "Ron & Tammys". Ben: "I'll just put on my SW pajamas..."
Supah Ninjas (Nickelodeon), 2011-10-01.
Episode 15, "DJ Elephant Head". "...I just saw Star Wars."
Community (NBC), 2011-10-06.
Episode 55, "Competitive Ecology". "... Star Wars LEGOs [sic]..."
Psych (USA), 2011-10-12.
Episode 84, "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader". Shawn is trying to find a stolen double-telescoping Darth Vader action figure.
Big Time Rush (Nickelodeon), 2011-10-15.
Episode 46, "Big Time Contest". A Chewbacca scream can be heard when Gustavo peeks into the tent.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2011-11-05.
Episode 845. Kenan Thompson as Cee-Lo Green: "I'm a big ol' sexy hairless ewok."
Shake It Up (Disney), 2011-11-06.
Episode 33 "Review It Up". "Are the walls coming together like the garbage pit in SW?"
Community (NBC), 2011-11-10.
Episode 58, "Studies in Modern Movement". The "door" of Annie's "bedroom" includes two vintage Star Wars bedsheets. (Can also be seen in ensuing episodes.)
Shake It Up (Disney), 2011-11-20.
Episode 34, "Auction It Up". Cici: "I'm that princess chick from that movie all those old people like"
Glee (FOX), 2011-12-13.
Holiday special with Chewbacca.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2012-01-07.
Episode 850. One of the football games in "ESPN Bowl Madness" commercial is "The Phantom Menace in 3D / Radio Shack / Croissant Bowl". Also, a fake news item: "The Olympic swordsman who performed Darth Vader's fight scenes in 'Star Wars' died this week at the age of 89 after a long battle with his son." (Unfortunately, the graphic shows Vader battling Obi-Wan 8-)
30 Rock (NBC), 2012-01-19.
Episode 108, "Idiots are People Two!". Criss: "So, I have a question about Lando Calrissian..."
30 Rock (NBC), 2012-01-26.
Episode 109, "Idiots are People Three!". Liz imagines herself as a golden princess wielding a blue lightsaber.
30 Rock (NBC), 2012-01-26.
Episode 110, "The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell". One of the guest stars on the "Martin Luther King Day" movie trailer is R2 D2 [sic].
Shipping Wars (A&E), 2012-02-07.
Episode 10, "May the Ship be with You". Roy delivers a large AT-AT display piece (originally used at FAO Schwarz Las Vegas) and an 8-foot X-wing from Kissimee FL to Utah.
Made in Hollywood Teen Edition (Fox), 2012-02-11.
Episode 126, "Creative Team Behind SW EP1 TPM".
30 Rock (NBC), 2012-02-16.
Episode 115, "The Tuxedo Begins". Tracy: "...All I had was a Chewbacca costume made out of used hair extensions... perfectly executed Chewbacca sound!..."
30 Rock (NBC), 2012-02-23.
Episode 116, "Leap Day". Liz: "...someone who wrote lyrics to the song the cantina band plays in Star Wars -- [sings] 'Figrin D'an the kloo horn man... he's from Clak'dor VII!'"
The rich geek's ewok statue comes to life inside its plexiglass case, and later, several shelves of Gentle Giant busts and Hasbro toys can be seen in the background as well as a Star Wars Racer arcade game.
Prophets of Science Fiction (Science), 2012-03-07.
Episode 8, "George Lucas"
How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 2012-04-09.
Episode 7.20, "Trilogy Time". Ted, Marshall, and Barney get together for their annual viewing of the original SW trilogy.
Deadline Unrated (HDNet), 2012-04-13.
Episode 49, "Girl on Girl: Riley Steele". Nice little interview with Randy Martinez talking about some of his artwork.
30 Rock (NBC), 2012-04-19.
Episode 126, "Murphy Brown Lied to Us". Liz gives Jack a baby-size Princess Leia costume. He gives it back to her later.
Community (NBC), 2012-04-19.
Episode 68, "Virtual Systems Analysis". Annie says "Star Wars" to Abed to try to get his attention in the dreamatorium.
Modern Family (ABC), 2012-05-02.
Episode 69, "Planes, Trains, and Cars". When Lily loses her stuffed rabbit, Mitchell remembers his Luke Skywalker doll that Jay lost on an airplane. Cameron buys him one at the end. "Oh, my God! It's Luke Skywalker in his shorty robe!"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2012-05-12.
Episode 861. "Nick Cage" mentions Qui-Gon Jinn twice while talking to Liam Neeson during Weekend Update.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2012-05-19.
Episode 862. "Stephon" the gay NYC guide explains what a "human R2-D2" is.
Phineas and Ferb (Disney), 2012-05-21.
Episode ?, "Meapless in Seattle".
Good Luck Charlie (Disney), 2012-06-24.
Episode 65, "Special Delivery". "What's his middle name?" "Wan Kenobi" "Toby Wan Kenobi?" "Yeah, your dad's a big fan of the movies..."
Victorious (Disney), 2012-06-30.
Episode 54, "The Blonde Squad". Robbie sings to Cat: "I love you more than the original Star Wars trilogy..."
Cupcake Wars (Food Network), 2012-09-09.
Episode 69, "Star Wars". Creating the TIE fighter full of cupcakes that was used in the VIP lounge at Celebration VI.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2012-10-12.
Episode 866. "This lady dressed up like a slutty Jedi for you!"
A.N.T. Farm (Disney), 2012-11-12.
Episode 51, "scavANTger hunt". The old teacher dresses as slave Leia, and three kids visit George Lucas' front gate where they are greeted by the droids and a stormtrooper.
Ink Master (Spike), 2012-11-13
Episode 16. The contestants paint clone trooper helmets, which were then displayed at Celebration 6 and auctioned for charity as part of the As You Wish Project. Then they tattoo SW fans.
30 Rock (NBC), 2012-11-29.
Episode 138, "Mazel Tov, Dummies!". Liz wears her Leia costume (complete with space buns hairdo) to her wedding.
30 Rock (NBC), 2013-01-10.
Episode 141, "Game Over". Octavia with fire extinguisher: "I'm a jedi!"
30 Rock (NBC), 2013-01-17.
Episode 140, "Florida". Liz: "I am not some kind of nerdery slut. I like Star Wars!"
30 Rock (NBC), 2013-01-24.
Episode 143, "A Goon's Deed in a Weary World". The photo of Criss in Liz' cell phone has him dressed up as Lando.
30 Rock (NBC), 2013-01-31.
Episode 135, "Hogcock! Last Lunch". Liz: "I'm reminded of something Yoda once said: 'Hmm, Oh! Dark times are these."
The Carrie Diaries (The CW), 2013-02-04.
Episode 4, "Fright Night". Carrie's dad dresses as Chewbacca to give out Halloween candy.
Community (NBC), 2013-02-07.
Episode 75, "History 101". Britta: "I don't think anyone is going to miss wars" Troy: "Star Wars? Thumb Wars?"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2013-02-09.
Episode 876 (Justin Bieber). "Weekend Update" mentions the new character spin-off movies.
Community (NBC), 2013-02-14.
Episode 77, "Paranormal Parentage". Shirley, dressed as Leia: "Andre is going as Han Solo, the boys are stormtroopers, and little baby B is an ewok."
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2013-02-21.
Episode 85b, "Correspondents' Lunch". Donna uses "midichlorians" in an email to trap the reporter who is reading Leslie's email.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2013-03-02.
Episode 878 (Kevin Hart). Kim-Jong Un on "Weekend Update": Tomorrow we start Jedi training... He puts me in a backpack and then he run around the swamp and he do handstands."
Community (NBC), 2013-03-07.
Episode 76, "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations". Pierce: "What if I did a gibberish foreign language like Star Wars?"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2013-03-09.
Episode 879 (Justin Timberlake). "Said another former Star Wars actor, 'Meesa waitin' by da phone!'"
The Americans (Fx), 2013-04-03.
Episode 9, "Safe House". The son of the main characters had some Star Wars stuff in his room.
Community (NBC), 2013-04-04.
Episode 83, "Herstory of Dance". Ahbed: "So, you've never seen any of the Star Wars movies?" Date: "We were taught [that] popular films were the work of the devil." Ahbed: "Well if you're talking about TPM, you were taught right!"
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2013-02-21.
Episode 90, "Partridge". Leslie & Ben's sister talk about watching SW movies.
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (TLC), 2013-04-05.
Episode 89, "The Bride Strikes Back". A SW-obsessed bride wants to look like Princess Leia.
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2013-04-18.
Episode 92, "Article Two". Garth Pundit filibusters city council with his Episode 7 plot treatment.
Community (NBC), 2013-05-02.
Episode 87, "Heroic Origins". Abed: "I think you used that particular phrase because I know you've seen SW." "Everybody's seen SW"
Community (NBC), 2013-05-09.
Episode 84. Britta, to her & Troy's baby: "Isn't that right, Chewbacca?"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2013-05-11.
Episode 883 (Kristen Wiig). Stuart the Californian, about attending Comic-Con: "I saw Darth Vader!"
Necessary Roughness(), 2013-07-10.
Episode 3.4, "Snap out of It". "May the Force be with you" and something in a Yoda voice.
iCarly (Nickelodeon), 2013-07-15.
Episode 5.9, "iGet Banned". Sam does the jedi mind trick on the smoothie shop man, including "These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along."
My Family Recipe Rocks! (FYI), 2013-08-13.
Episode 35, "Star Wars". Joey Fatone visits Anne Neumann at Rancho Obi-Wan.
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2014-01-09.
Episode 105, "Second Chunce". Andy, talking in his sleep: "That's my spaghetti, Chewbacca!"
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Cartoon Network), 2014-01-21.
Episode 6.7, "2-and-a-Half-Star Wars Out of Five". Jedi mind trick, "I'm from Mos Eisley", "That was no bullfrog, dude, that was Yoda!"
Community (NBC), 2014-01-30.
Episode 93, "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking". Abed, via sign language: "So you don't even know what Ewoks sound like?".
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2014-02-27.
Episode 110, "Anniversaries". Ben: "...thinking about the new SW sequel. I'm afraid they're going to rely too heavily on CGI..."
Community (NBC), 2014-03-13.
Episode 96, "VCR Maintenance And Educational Publishing". Gina Gershon: "You just became the Luke Skywalker of the new Star Wars!"
Community (NBC), 2014-04-03.
Episode 100, "G.I. Jeff". TIE Fighter sound effects are used for the Machopter.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2014-04-05.
Episode 907 (Anna Kendrick). "It's like Billy Dee Williams got his own Star Wars show!"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2014-04-12.
Episode 908 (Seth Rogan). "One time, the guy who played Chewbacca came in here!"
Liv & Maddie (Disney), 2014-04-13.
Episode 19, "Howl-A-Rooney". "It's like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings had a baby"
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2014-04-24.
Episode 117, "Moving Up". Ben: "I'm on Endor! These are the redwoods George Lucas used to create the forest moon of Endor!"
The Goldbergs (ABC), 2014-05-06.
Episode 26, "A Wrestler Named Goldberg". Going to see ROJ. Erica: "That dog is a tauntaun, and you know it!" and other references.
Studio C (BYU-TV), 2014-05-08.
Episode 4.6. A skit about problems with SW movie production.
Phineas and Ferb (Disney), 2014-07-26.
Episode 5.14, "Star Wars".
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2014-09-27.
Episode 914 (Chris Pratt). "Star Wars" is one of the upcoming fake Marvel movies.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2014-10-11.
Episode 916 (Bill Hader). One of the answers on Hollywood Game Night is "Star Wars".
SportsNation (ESPN), 2014-10-31.
Star Wars Special.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2014-11-01.
Episode 923 (Chris Rock). "I climb up on this scary man's back and ride him around like-a Yoda rode on Mr. Luke Skywalker"
My Family Recipe Rocks (FYI), 2014-11-21.
Episoce 2.16, "Star Wars". Joey Fatone visits Rancho Obi-Wan.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2014-12-06.
(James Franco). A spoof of the Ep7 teaser trailer with aged characters. Also mentioned by "Anthony Crispino" during the fake news segment.
No, You Shut Up! (Fusion), 2015-01-08.
Episode 42, "The One With the Brussel Sprouts". The panel discusses SW, etc.
Parks and Recreation (NBC), 2015-01-27.
Episode 128, "Gryzzlbox". Leslie: "December 18th, 2015. That was the opening day of SW Episode Seven. You were muttering that date in your sleep for months!"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2015-03-07.
Shipping Wars (A&E), 2015-04-08.
Episode 97, "The Empire Ships Back". Dusty transports Han in carbonite and Emperor in his throne.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2015-05-16.
(Louis C.K.). Sprint store manager: "Jabba the Hutt lily-white bitch!"
Idiotest (GSN), 2015-06-10.
Episode 56. SW fans vs. Star Trek fans.
Ink Master (Spike), 2015-07-28.
Episode 2.7, "Star Wars Forever". For the Flash Challenge, competitors must decorate a clone trooper helmet.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2015-11-21.
(Matthew McConnaughy). J.J. Abrams introduces TFA screen tests.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2015-12-05.
(Ryan Gosling). Grispino discusses "Star Wars: The Four Jamaicans".
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2015-12-19.
(Tina Fey & Amy Poehler). On "Bronx Beat", Betty & Jodi complain about too much SW.
Sportscenter (ESPN), 2015-12-16.
"SW: Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2016-01-17.
Adam Driver. "Undercover Boss" features Kylo Ren as Matt the radar technician.
Castle (ABC), 2016-02-15.
Season 8, episode 11: "Dead Red". "Is it a baby-sized lightsaber?"
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2016-02-13.
(Melissa McCarthy). The lady on the bus mentions SW as a "white movie".
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2016-05-07.
(Brie Larson). "Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination" sounds like the ominous opening crawl of a SW movie.
Psych (), 2017-02-04.
Episode 6.1, "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader". Shawn is working a case to recover a stolen DT Vader.
The Big Bang Theory (), 2017-02-07.
Episode 9.11, "The Opening Night Excitation". Opening crawl, music, Bob Newhart as a ghost jedi, etc. The boys try to buy tickets for opening night.
Me, Myself, & I (CBS), 2017-10-17.
Episode 1.4, "Star Wars". Alex is devastated when he learns Ron showed Abby SW for the first time, a moment he had been looking forward to; Young Alex convinces Justin to sneak out of the house to watch SW.
Speechless (ABC), 2017-12-17.
Episode 2.9, "S-T-- STAR W-- WARS W-- WARS". Family wins two tickets to see TLJ.
Saturday Night Live (NBC), 2018-05-05.
Episode 43.21 (Donald Glover). Convention of all black people in the galaxy being held on Naboo, with music by Max Rebo.


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