Chris Georgoulias' Toy Shop Scrapbook

Toy Shop magazine was once the backbone of the Star Wars collecting hobby. As a strictly "buy and sell" publication collectors the world over eagerly awaited the arrival of each issue. One could always count on spending at least a couple of hours salivating over items that usually had been purchased by people who had their issues delivered by UPS Next Day Air. However, it was still a fun exercise because the pages would often be filled with treasures, oddities, and practically everything a collector could ever want or need. Toy Shop was a great way to establish a contact base with dealers all over the U.S. and even some from other parts of the world. Because the oversize newsprint format was cumbersome to save and the offerings within were so volatile, things would come and go quickly. I had been a subscriber for two years and saw many things come and go. In September 1994 I saw an ad for a prototype EV-9D9 that I just had to save and the only thing I could think of doing was putting it in an old photo album. So page 17 was the official beginning of the scrapbook. As I was making that page I decided to go back through my older issues and begin pulling those memorable ads out as well. As the years went by I kept adding to the book, relentlessly scouring each issue twice (after initial reading) for all of the cool ads and unique items. I even went so far as to begin tracking down issues from 1988-1992, the years before I began subscribing. What you see is basically the history of the Star Wars marketplace during most of the 1990's (arguably the heyday of Star Wars collecting) and the scrapbook is a complete collection of the unique items that graced the pages of Toy Shop. The scrapbook doesn't encompass all Star Wars items or ads though - only the unique things that stood a good chance of rarely or never being seen again.

Beginning in the late 1990's, selling on the internet had really taken over the toy collecting hobby, especially concerning Star Wars. And while this broadens the marketplace and increases the offerings, the deluge of single items from Joe Schmo's the world over has all but eliminated the beauty of seeing nice multi-item ads from established sellers. I lament, not the items or the availability, but the near impossibility of trying to retain and document unique items in the way I was able to for Toy Shop. The amount of sheer junk to wade through on a single site like eBay makes even thinking about trying another scrapbook an exercise in futility. Not to mention all of the cool auctions that have already disappeared forever. Because Toy Shop is only a shadow of it's former self I will probably end the scrapbook with the 2001 year. Besides, after the countless hours of work put in during the previous 8 years, I deserve the retirement.





page 001   Prop replica weapons, ESB Yoda Sign, POTF 3-Pack, Revenge proofs, Custom 12" Leia Stormtrooper, Vader "life saver"
page 002   Unproduced 12" ESB dolls, Takara 8" figures, Displays, Posters, Kenner boxed toys, Foreign boxed toys, Japanese toys
page 003   Unproduced C-3PO Walkie Talkies, Unproduced 12" ESB dolls, Bootleg Jawa statue, Trilogo plush Ewok, Piles of carded figures
page 004   Revenge proofs, Kenner 3-Packs, Bootleg Irish 3-packs, Lance Worth magazine, ROTJ shipper w/ figures, Licensee collection
page 005   French "Yan Solo" miscarded Luke Jedi, Clipper mail-in Vader, Trilogo miscarded R2 original, Irish 3-packs, German mini-puzzles
page 006   Sample POTF FX-7 & TIE Pilot, Lili Ledy 12" Tusken, Bootleg game, Droids prototypes, Kenner catalogs, Custom 12" Lukes
page 007   Unproduced 12" ESB Han Hoth box, LFL prototype Landspeeder drawings, Hungarian set of 10 carded figures, Glasslite POTF
page 008   "Battle Damaged" R5-D4 [fake], Kenner displays, Uzay Imp. Gunner, Foreign figures, Sp. Off. Slave I, Ride-on Speeder Bike


page 009   Droids Governor Koong, Prop helmets [legit?], POTF Playpacks, Steve Sansweet props display, Custom 12" Luke Jedi
page 010   Gamorrean Guard ceramic bank, Replica lightsaber instructions, Custom carded figures, Turkish bootleg game
page 011   Prototype C-3PO case, Takara diecast toys, French and German figure displays, ROTJ carrying case
page 012   Prototype ROTJ figures on ESB cards: Rebel Soldier, Bib Fortuna, Boushh, Palitoy toys, Takara diecast toys, SW 3-packs
page 013   Ree Yees hardcopy [blue repro], Droids & Ewoks protos, Japanese display, carded Vlix, RocketFett [fake], Tri-POTF mini-rigs
page 014   Early Bird Certificate and figures, Austrialian POTF, Russian AT-AT Driver, X-Wing Aces Game, Wanted: RocketFett
page 015   Revenge proofs, Lily Ledy 12" Tusken, Uzay figures, Revenge carded Cloud Car Pilot [fake], UHU Glue Stick figure
page 016   RocketFett [fake], Miscarded Trilogos, Gold Vader case, Hungarian figures, Custom Leia Slave figure, Regal plush Jawa
page 017   EV-9D9 2-Up proto [blue repro], Droids & Ewoks protos, miscarded Trilogos, Custom Han Stormtrooper, Replica lightsaber
page 018   Uzay Blue Stars, Palitoy sign, Prototypes: Biker Scout, Bib Fortuna, Nien Nunb, Logray, Landspeeder, Diecast TIE, C-3PO case
page 019   Rocket-Firing Boba Fett reproductions, Unproduced 12" ESB Luke Bespin box flat, Replica lightsabers
page 020   Wanted: 3-Packs, Foreign carded figures, Prop display, Popy figures, Revenge card, JC Penny multi-packs, Italian 4-pack
page 021   Custom D.W. Reynolds Bantha, Replica armor, JC Penny multi-packs, Palitoy Cantina, Trilogo R2-D2: original, scope, & saber
page 022   Custom 12" dolls and repro weapons, Early Bird display, Bootleg figure poster, Takara wind-up R2-D2 display, Talking R2-D2
page 023   Kenner 3-packs, Hungarian figures, Uzay figures, Custom 12" dolls: Vader RH, Han Hoth, Luke XWP, Luke Poncho, Luke Hoth
page 024   Prototype Imperial Troop Transport, ESB Yoda display, Fan Club Luke Bespin jacket, Revenge card, Luke Jedi w/ blue saber
page 025   Quest of the Jedi video, Replica armor, Custom 12\' Tusken Raider, SW boxed display stand, Special Offer Darth Vader TIE
page 026   Replica armor & helmets, DT carded Luke, POTF Amanaman proof, Trilogo Fett, Prototype Luke coin, SW12 Han w/ big head


page 027   Toy Fair breakfast award, Replica costumes, Revenge proofs, Foreign carded, Custom 12" dolls, Italian 4-packs
page 028   Tomart prototype collection photo, Miscarded Trilogo, Toy Galaxy display, Micro Bacta Chamber C-3PO, Zetca diecast TIE
page 029   Kenner displays, Box flats, Kenner prototypes: Micro Luke Dagobah 4-up, Snowspeeder Gunner 4-up, Droids and Ewoks, Coins
page 030   Prop items, Kenner box flats, Prototype C-3PO case, ROTJ sample carded, Uzay Blue Stars, Displays, Japanese X-Wing
page 031   POTF unproduced and produced proof cards, Micro figure wax sculptings - produced and unproduced
page 032   Micro figure wax sculptings, Preschool Ewoks sculptings, Preschool unproduced sculpting, Micro squeezings
page 033   Death Star pieces, Custom RH Vader, Prototype Vader case, Prototype Yoda puppet, New (1995) POTF2 figures and toys
page 034   POTF Luke Jedi proof, Kenner box flats, Kenner Prototype: Coins, Boba Fett bell hanger, Droids and Ewoks figures
page 035   Micro Han Solo wax, Kenner prototypes: General Madine, Leia Boushh, Klaatu, AT-AT Driver, Speeder Bike, Preschool Ewoks
page 036   Wanted: Displays, Carded red-caped Bib Fortuna [fake], Special Offer diecast ships, Uzay mini-rigs, Repro weapons
page 037   Replica weapons, Wanted: 3-Packs, Wanted: Error figures, SW sit-down and ESB stand-up Arcade games, Revenge proofs
page 038   Prototype Han Trench on ERG card, Kenner catalogs, Displays, Small-wing diecast DV TIE, Art of SW video, Spanish Slave I
page 039   Swedish porn magazine, Revenge proofs, ROTJ 2-packs, Polish Chewbacca, Yugoslavian poster, Kenner displays
page 040   Canadian displays, Unproduced Mon Julpa, Palitoy diorama display, Meccano Ben Kenobi case, Custom ship models
page 041   Heritage bootleg figures, Droids prototypes, Vader prop helmet, Russian AT-AT Driver, Foreign figures, Yoda carved stone bust
page 042   "Revenge" carded [?] figure trade, Collecting SW fanzine, Custom 12" hairy Chewie, Revenge carded CC Pilot & 2-1B [fakes]
page 043   Canadian Dewback & Cloud City, General Veers, Young Jedi Knight kit, Glasslite TIE, Gold Vader case, Green-limbed Chewie
page 044   ESB small-head Han, Popy 15 figure set, 3 Snaggletooths w/ diff. weapons, Meccano figures, UK mail-in figures, Palitoy displays
page 045   ESB FX-7 blank back [peeled], mid-production X-Wing, R2 original on ROTJ card, Kenner commercials, Prototype C-3PO case
page 046   Canada General Veers & toys, Vader utility belt, Revenge proofs, Cinemacast Luke prototype, Chewie Action Masters prototype
page 047   Greedo hardcopy, Ewoks prototypes, Coin prototypes, POTF TIE Pilot proof, Uzay figures, custom RocketFett, Spanish figures
page 048   Micro FX-7 4-up, Fett bell hanger, Revenge X-Wing box flat, Yoda 8-ball prototype, ESB Chewie doll, POTF2 carded hardcopy
page 049   ESB C-3PO on DS Droid card [fake], Action Masters prototypes, Coin prototypes, Special Offer mini-rigs, DT Vader, Catalogs
page 050   Green-limbed Chewie, Prototype Zuckuss [Polish bootleg], Meccano Rebel Soldier & Leia, Toltoys Vader, anti-Hoffmann ad
page 051   Sample boxed 12" Boba Fett, POTF proofs, Breakfast award, Hardcopies [blue repros], Jabba pieces, Ewoks prototype
page 052   12" Lili Ledy, ROTJ carton & poster sweepstakes, ROTJ 2-packs, Revenge proofs, RocketFett [fake], Star Tours figures
page 053   Plush R2-D2 bin, Bulloch signed Fett figures, POTF coin set w/ Bob Fisher frame, Prototype C-3PO case, Coca-Cola R2-D2
page 054   AT-AT Commander prototype, 3-pack auction, Droids & Ewoks prototypes, Italian POTF catalog, Bootleg B/O robot
page 055   Zetca diecast, Custom Duros, Sample carded figures, Mylar poster, Special Offer mini-rig, AM prototypes, Foreign figures
page 056   Holiday Special poster, Palitoy figures, Boba Fett bell display, Kenner catalogs, Overuse of word "rare", Wanted: 3-packs
page 057   Rarities mint gold coin set, Panasonic Yoda poster, Custom 12" Han Carbonite, Prototype C-3PO case, Figure weapons
page 058   12" boxed Lili Ledy, Displays: Kenner & Burger King, Repro weapons & capes, Trilogo photo variants, Custom carded figures
page 059   Unproduced Ewoks, Bootleg model kits: R2, R3, R4 & X-Wing, Kenner ESB 3-sided display, Early POTF2 scalping
page 060   Regal 3\' tall Chewbacca doll, Death Star pencil sharpener, Various prototypes (mostly POTF2), Custom display stand
page 061   Kenner Quality Control carded samples: Figures, diecast vehicles, mini-rigs
page 062   Kenner Quality Control carded sample figures, Stickered sample carded figures, Bagged QC sample Biker Scout
page 063   Prop [?] Cantina alien mask (Duros), POTF display bin, Rarities Mint coin set, Kenner figure shipping cartons, Coke cups
page 064   Wanted: 63rd POTF coin, 3-packs, Toltoys 12" Boba Fett, Carded Vlix, German figure header card, Custom figure display case
page 065   Custom figures, toys, and POTF proof cards from Star Wars and Stuff
page 066   Lili Ledy factory overstock capes, accessories, and parts, Custom boxed Chewbacca family from Holiday Special
page 067   Custom lightsabers, ROTJ Sweepstakes poster, Prop replicas (saber, gun, detonator), Special Offer Wampa,
page 068   Jeff Parks custom lightsabers: Shadow Saber, Magnum Saber, Alliance Saber
page 069   Polish carded bootlegs, Heritage pewter, Bootleg sculpts, Prototype toys [& blue repro], Stormtrooper armor, Custom figures
page 070   Cereal boxes, Cereal display, Wallpaper display, Bottle caps, Takara display, Candy machine display insert, Halloween masks
page 071   SW Ticket display, POTF2 prototypes, DT Vader & Ben, Greedo mask replica, Theatre standees, Small Luke POTF coin
page 072   Kenner displays, Revenge of the Jedi items, Bootleg Yoda sculpt, Superdeformed Jabba\'s court, Custom figures
page 073   Prop Storm. helmet, Sample Fruit Loops Han Solo, Proto button display, Carded Vlix, YPS Hoth Stormtrooper, POTF2 protos


page 074   Ewoks Morag, Prototype Squid Head (pink) & Bib Fortuna (white), J. Bulloch artwork, ESB display, Poster proof, Custom items
page 075   1976 Lucas signed crew shirt, Star Swords inflatable toy, Custom figures, Repro capes, Repro Gold Vader case, Jap. Wind-ups
page 076   DT Ben, Ride-on Speeder Bike, Canadian vacu. Lobot, Prototypes [fake], Unpainted Micros, Kenner commercials, Replica saber
page 077   Record Tote shipping case, Fan club patches, decals & stickers, Repro toy stickers, Custom figure display
page 078   Unproduced Micro Han from Torture Chamber, Marvel Comics art, Kenner catalog, Rarities Mint coins, Cookie jars, Cup toppers
page 079   Diecast bin & toys, POTF coin auction, UHU glue stick figures, Palitoy poster, Popy catalog, POTF 3-pack, YPS Trooper
page 080   DV Star Destroyer box flat (unproduced), Revenge proofs, POTF coin set, Custom figures, R2-D2 cooler, Trilogy movie standee
page 081   Chaykin poster, Revenge card set, Theater Owners Trilogy Special Edition presentation piece, Real West Caf , Plush 3\' Ewok
page 082   ESB 12" Luke & Leia Bespin dolls, Store display diorama, Micro Toy Fair sign, Pepsi Special Editions displays, Custom figures
page 083   Al Rosen and Josh Vilensky - The Star Wars buying machines - photo
page 084   Al Rosen and Josh Vilensky - The Star Wars buying machines - details
page 085   ESB 12" Luke Bespin, Red-caped Bib Fortunas [fake?], Tan-cloak Luke Jedi, Prototype coins, Boba Fett Don Post statue
page 086   Phillip Taylor a.k.a. Alex McClaren ad - prototypes [fraud], Revenge proofs, POTF coin set, ROTJ display, Coke bottle cap game
page 087   Phillip Taylor a.k.a. Alex McClaren ad #2 - prototypes [fraud] , Carded Uzay figures, Luke Utility belt, Revenge proofs, Displays
page 088   POTF proofs, Cheerios display, Revenge proofs, Autographed posters, Boushh on ESB AT-AT Comm. Card, Sealed toy cases
page 089   Kenner factory shipping boxes, Revenge proofs, Italian POTF2 proof sheet, POTF2 Obi-wan with handwriting, Custom figures
page 090   Ewoks carded Chirpa & Paploo, Replica Fett rifle, Regal Chewbacca, SW12 bin in shipper, POTF coin set, POTF2 prototypes
page 091   POTF2 prototypes, SW re-release poster w/ Kenner, Revenge X-Wing box flat, Diecast small wing DV TIE, Kenner catalog
page 092   Phillip Taylor ad retraction, Wonder Bread display, EV-9D9 2-up [blue repro], Canadian ESB Droid Factory, Wanted: prototypes
page 093   Chewie candle/candy mold, Gold & Chrome Pez, Micro protos, Texas Instruments display, Luke CS12 box flat, POTF2 protos
page 094   POTF2 bootlegs, RocketFett [fake], POTF2 protos, ESB proofs, Burger Chef meals, Sp. Off. X-Wing, Bottle cap display, DT Ben
page 095   Auction: SW & ESB 3-packs
page 096   Auction: SW & ESB 3-packs, ESB 6-packs, Revenge Fett proof, Blue Snaggletooth
page 097   Kenner Sweepstakes patch, POTF2 prototypes & proofs, Micro Machines prototypes, Vader CS12 head proto, Repro weapons
page 098   C-3PO prototype case, Lily Ledy 12" dolls, Uzay figures, Kenner displays, POTF2 prototypes, Foreign toys, Comic art
page 099   Revenge proofs, Contemporary Relics pre-auction highlights: ESB 3-pack in white EP box, Chewbacca puppet
page 100   Contemporary Relics auction: Lucite star (MTFBWY), Chewbacca hand puppet, ESB 3-pack in white EP box
page 101   POTF2 protoype: figures, buddies, 12", Revenge proofs, Fruit Loops Han sample, Metal repro weapons, Wonderbread cards
page 102   Revenge proofs, Coin softcopy [fake], POTF coin set, Cast & Crew paperweight, Revenge X-Wing box flat, POTF2 prototypes,
page 103   Shampoo bottle sculpts, Wanted: Bronze Yoda, Wanted: Foreign figures, Cantina alien mask, Vader CS12 head, Lili Ledy 12"
page 104   Epic Force prototypes, Lili Ledy dolls, Cast & Crew shirt, Kenner displays, POTF2 Vader hardcopy, Wanted: Displays
page 105   The Great American Plastic-Caped Jawa Find: Plastic Dreams/Josh Vilensky & Al Rosen
page 106   Jawa Find part 2, German SW catalog, Galaxy Empire POTF2 bootleg 6" & 4" figures, "Non-firing" Boba Fett
page 107   Mr. C-10 (Al Rosen) self-promotion: Photo
page 108   Mr. C-10 (Al Rosen) self-promotion: New finds
page 109   Revenge X-Wing proof, Chituhr, EV-9D9 2-up [blue repro], German Parker brochure, Foreign carded figures, POTF2 prototypes
page 110   Plush Chewbacca doll bin, Canadian ESB 3-pack, Displays, EDB 3-pack in white EP box, Polish bootlegs, Trilogo Boba Fett
page 111   Rachfal auction & highlights: Ewoks protos, Revenge proofs, Hildebrandt art, SW first shots & DT figures, Sp. Off. Landspeeder
page 112   Book advertisement: Vintage SW Action Figures by John Kellerman [delayed by LFL], Steve Hoffman: Foreign figures wanted
page 113   Carded DT Luke, Han Solo coin softcopy [fake], Catalog figure packs, Tom Derby: Buying Special Offer toys, Popy figures
page 114   Black-caped Squid Head [fake], Showtime Sp. Edition figs, Metal Vader bank, POTF2 prototypes, POTF2 bootlegs, TRU Falcon
page 115   Death Star piece, Carded DT Luke, Palitoy sample R5-D4, Catalog figure packs, SOTE Outrider protoype, Red Bib [likely fake]
page 116   Complete 3-pack set, Micro Machines & POTF2 protos, Coke robot, Sp. Off. Cloud Car, White Vader case, Red Bib [likely fake]
page 117   Auction: J-slot RocketFett with missile: Photos
page 118   Auction: J-slot RocketFett with missile: Long story, Bondo prototype, ESB 3-pack in white box, Red-caped Bib Fortuna
page 119   Cloud City Wanted: Prototypes & Special Offer Toy
page 120   Cloud City Wanted: Carded figures, coins, posters. Selling: Young Jedi mailer kit, Sweepstakes display, POTF display bin
page 121   Proof cards, First shot figures, Leia 12" prototype, Artwork, POTF2 prototypes, Kenner catalogs, Bootleg space gun, Mylar poster
page 122   Mr. C-Any Condition, Jabba Buddie prototype, Leia Bespin prototype, POTF2 prototypes, Displays, Bagged C-3POs
page 123   Uncut Topps stickers, General Veers, ROTJ 2-packs, Displays, Pinball glass, Factory cases, Revenge proofs, Glass Libbey
page 124   Rachfal auction highlights: Double-telescoping Ben & Vader, ESB 41 hanger, Diecast small-wing Darth Vader TIE Fighter
page 125   Chewbacca 12" hardcopy, Gold Vader case, L-slot RocketFett, Talking Yoda, Proof cards, Display, Foreign & Trilogo figures
page 126   Brian Rachfal Wanted: rare Star Wars. Ad shows ESB boxed 12" Han Hoth, ESB Hanger, Unproduced Belloq Ceremonial
page 127   POTF proofs, Revenge proof, POTF2 prototypes, Autographed POTF2, EP1 Cast & Crew jacket, POTF2 Obi-Wan w/ clear saber
page 128   Loose 12" Lili Ledy, Lili Ledy burgundy cape Bib, Displays, SW Cereal offers, Catalog figure packs, Red-caped Bib [likely fake]


page 129   Brian Rachfal auction highlight: L-slot RocketFett
page 130   RocketFett (once Tomart\'s), Cheerios displays, 12" C-3PO bootleg, Revenge proofs, Kenner displays, Chewie Act. Masters proto
page 131   Revenge proofs, Patches, POTF proof, SOTE Outrider proto, Canadian figure header, VC Jawa missing POP, Boba Fett mailer
page 132   Zuckuss mask prop, RocketFett, POTF header, ESB 12" Leia Bepin box flat, Proof cards, Meccano figure, Catalog multi-packs
page 133   Auction part 1: Prototypes: First shot figures, ships, diecast, Toy Fair Breakfast award,
page 134   Auction part 2: Sample boxed Troop Trans., White-boxed TIE Int., Weequay on ESB Zuckuss card, 3-pack, Canadian Dewback
page 135   Revenge proofs, Displays, Micro Han 4-up, Irish bootleg 3-pack, Bootleg Yoda in Carbonite plaque, ESB Death Squad Comm.
page 136   Yak Face auction w/ Gov. Koong photo [ref Page009], Toltoys figures, Polish & Hungarian Boba Fetts, Sales sample EP1 toys
page 137   BK Translite, Revenge proofs, Kenner displays, Uzay figures, J-slot RocketFett, Rare figures & toys, Young Jedi mailer kit
page 138   POTF2 Special Offer TIE & Yoda proto, Displays, ESB ad slicks, Sp. Off. Vader case, Toltoys Landsp, Boba Fett in envelope
page 139   Plastic Dreams C-10 mint toy collection
page 140   Plastic Dreams C-10 mint toy collection
page 141   Emperor\'s Guard POTF mock-up proof, Uncut Leia Revenge proof, Revenge proofs, Kenner displays, C-3POs display, Rare items
page 142   Kenner Box flats, POTF2 Jabba prototype, POTF2 proof sheets, Article: How to Not Lose Your Shirt Buying SW
page 143   Vintage prototypes: Sculpting, POTF coins & album, 4-ups, RocketFett, Droids & Ewoks, ESB 12" box flats, More.
page 144   Vintage prototypes: ESB 12" box flats, POTF proofs. 3-packs, Box flats, Glasslite Droids, Bootleg pillow, Holiday Special poster
page 145   Proof cards, Proof card mock-ups, Sp. Off. Palitoy Cantina, Displays, Coke boxed robot, Prototypes: first shots, Micro, vehicles
page 146   Birthday poster, Kenner Laser Rifle display, Proof cards, Kenner Displays, Posters, Rare toys, BK Translite, Tsukuda toys
page 147   Canadian R2-D2 w/ Periscope, Kenner displays, Replica Stormtrooper armor, Polish Prune Face bootleg, Trilogo Rancor
page 148   Men Behind the Masks Star Wars autographs
page 149   POTF proof cards, SW proof cards, ROTJ "Skiff Guard" proof, POTF uncut 4-card proof sheet, "One Man Sand Skiff" proof box
page 150   Micro prototype 4-ups, Ral Partha Wampa, 3-sided Micro display, Diecast prototypes, Photography reflexes, Special Offer toys
page 151   Micro 4-up, BK Translite, Oral-B display, Signed uncut ESB proof, Micro Machines prototypes, CS12 heads, Carded DT Luke
page 152   Vintage displays, Burger King displays, Autographed POTF2, Canadian bottle caps, Canadian contest display, "Prototype find"
page 153   Cloud City Wanted: 3-packs, Double-telescoping figures
page 154   Cloud City text ad: Prototype figures, Box flats, Catalog mailer packs, Coin prototypes, Micro prototypes, Cromalin sheets
page 155   Final Frointier text ad: Displays, Rare packaged toys, Foreign figures, Foreign toys, Multi-packs, Proof cards
page 156   Cloud City text ad: Rare toys, Foreign figures, Figure prototypes, Micro prototypes, Coin prototypes, Multi-packs
page 157   Final Frointier text ad: Displays, Rare packaged toys, Foreign figures, Foreign toys, Multi-packs, Proof cards
page 158   POTF proof, Bondo figure, Bootleg Mexican ship, 3-pack, Kenner shelf talkers, Prototype items, Rachfal promo ad w/ Han Hoth
page 159   RocketFett, Cinemacast Vader prototype, Proof cards & sheets, Hardcopy figure pins, POTF2 Vader prototype, Bootleg models
page 160   Rancor toy presentation board,, Takara SW display, POTF proof, Wanted: Indy Jones catalog packs
page 161   Canadian 3-pack, Display bin, Foreign toys, Proofs, Vader case shipper, Boba Fett in Kenner envelope, German dealer catalog
page 162   Book advertisement - Irwin Toys: The Canadian Star Wars Connection by Jim McCallum