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IC Hong Kong Ltd.


Idea Nuovo

  NEW YORK NY 10001

home furnishings, 2005-04

IDG Entertainment


Star Wars Insider magazine, startin in 2004


TPM trading cards, 1999. ??? common cards, 60 silver foil chase cards (1 in 2 packs), 60 gold-foil chase cards (1 in 6 packs),

Illuminations/TMC Group Inc.

  P O BOX 286, DERBY NH 03038

Glow-in-the-dark sticker sets, 1999-05-03 unless noted

Illusive Originals

  (717) 961-3863 corporate headquarters; (212) 675-3900 showroom; (800) 258-1044 wholesale orders

Image Factory

    See see Factors, Etc.

Impact Inc.

  MT PROSPECT IL 60056-2183

   a Hedstrom Corporation Company

children's stationery items, all 1999-05 unless noted

Imperial Chemicals

wallpaper / border trim

IMT Accessories

  1 E 33RD ST, NEW YORK NY 10016

In Advance

The Ink Group


Innovative Designs LLC

Intec, Inc.

  5255 NW 159 ST, MIAMI FL 33014

  company website www.inteclink.com


  San Marino

3D telephone cards, 1999. All have SW logo.


    See see Polydata Resources

Intex Recreation Corp.

  company website www.intexcorp.com

plastic/vinyl/rubber inflatable toys, 1999-05 unless noted

Isaac Morris, Ltd.

children's clothing, 2009 unless noted


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