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FAB Clicks

FAB Starpoint


All items 2007 unless noted.

Factors, Etc.

    See also known as Image Factory

baseball caps

Tomart # description
AP0010 navy blue with embroidered SW logo; 5 stars on bill [Fan Club exclusive]
AP0011 yellow [Fan Club exclusive]
AP0012 black with embroidered logo patch [Fan Club exclusive]

The Fairfield Co.

Excell Marketing DIV>

  5501 PARK AVE, DES MOINES IA 50321

The Fan Club, Inc.

  3720 REVERE ST #B, DENVER CO 80239, USA; (800) TRUE-FAN; (303) 574-0907

   also known as Lucasfilm Fan Club

Lucasfilm Fan Club magazine
publish date ship date cover
1droids [photo]
2 [photo]
3 Willow [photo]
4 Willow [photo]
5 Tucker [photo]
6 Lucas leaning on sword [photo]
7 Indy Jones [photo]
8 Spielberg directing [photo]
9 Sean Connery [photo]
10 Indy Jones villains [photo]
11 ESB Vader [photo]
12 Maniac Mansion [photo]
13 Indy fistfight [photo]
14 ROJ space battle [photo]
15 Young Indies [photo]
16 Young Indy on horse [photo]
17 Lucas & space battle [photo]
18 Lucas portrait art [photo]
19 ROJ ships [photo]
20 Vader [photo]
21 Fett artwork [photo]
22 Vader & ships [photo]
SW Insider magazine; ISSN 1041-5122; P O BOX 111000, AURORA CO 80042 USA
publish date ship date cover
23 old Ben & X-wings [photo]
24 Ralph McQuarrie [photo]
25 C-3PO & Vader [photo]
26 Lucas in Falcon [photo]
27 Luke & landspeeder [photo]
28 Chewie [photo]
29 Xizor [photo]
30 Han & Jabba [photo]
31 T-16 in flight [photo]
32Winter 19971997-01? purple photo montage around trilogy ingot [photo]
33 SpEd wampa [photo]
34 Mark Hamill [photo]
35 1997-10-28 Tusken museum piece [photo]
36 1998-03 EP1 jawas[photo]
37 1998-05 Emperor & Palpatine [photo]
38 1998-06-30 The Simpsons [photo]
39 1998-08-01 Darth Vader [photo]
40 Oct/Nov 1998 1998-10-20 subscriber edition: battle droid
newsstand edition: "Behind the Magic" space battle [photo]
41 Obi-Wan Kenobi [photo]
42 Maul face [photo]
43 Darth Maul "Revenge of the Sith"
Qui-Gon Jinn "Revenge of the Sith" [photo]
43 same, Previews-exclusive edition with metallic ink logo on cover
44 Aug./Sept. 1999 1999-05-20 Queen Amidala [photo]
45 subscriber edition: Aurra Sing
newsstand edition: Naboo fighter [photo]
46 Oct./Nov. 1999 1999-10 C-3PO naked face [photo]
47 Dec./Jan. 2000 2000-01-11 Mara Jade [photo]
48 Feb./Mar. 2000 2000-03-20 "Road Trip" cartoon
49May/June 20002000-05ESB 20th Anniv. [photo]
502000-07-28Hayden Christianson [photo]
52 2001-02 EP2 droids
53 May/June 2001 2001-03-13 EP2 Palpatine
54 July/August 2001 Obi-Wan Kenobi
55 September/October 2001 Mace Windu
56 November/Decemter 2001
57 January/February 2002 Jango & Zam
58 March/April 2002 2002-01-28 Hayden Christian as Anakin
59 May/June 2002 2002-03-23 silver Vader art
60 July/August 2002 2002-05 AOC heroes
61 September/October 2002 2002-07-28 Yoda
62 October 2002 2002-09 female jedi
63 November 2002 2002-10-22 acklay
64 December 2002/January 2003 2002-11 Jango Fett
65 February 2003 2003-01 Vader
70 Darth Maul
71 2003-09-25

replicas of SW Celebration passes. Each has "STAR WARS INSIDER -- LIMITED EDITON" printed on the back

collectible badge similar size, shape, design as celebration passes

  1. Mara Jade / Imperial
  2. Jek Porkins / Rebel
  3. Aurra Sing / bounty hunter
  4. Wuher the bartender / Tatooine
  5. Darth Vader / Imperial

SW Kids The Magazine for Young Jedi Knights, ISSN 1521-8368; P O BOX 110789, AURORA CO 80042-9902, phone (800) 451-6381
[not to be confused with two other magazines of exactly the same name published by Scholastic Inc.]
publish date ship date cover
special mini preview issue 1998 Luke Skywalker
1 Nov/Dec 1998 1998-10 Han Solo
2 Jan/Feb 1999 1999-01 Darth Vader
3 Apr/May 1999 1999-03-10 Darth Maul
4 June/July 1999 1999-05-19 goggled Anakin Skywalker
5 Aug./Sept. 1999 1999-07-13 Jar Jar Binks
6 Oct/Nov 1999 1999-10-05 Obi-Wan Kenobi
7 Winter 2000 2000-01-05 Sebulba
8 Spring 2000 2000-03-20 martial arts


Fantasy Flight Games


  company website


life-size wall cling decorations, 2007 unless noted

Favorite Brands


Fernandes Inc.


FFH Home Video

  BOX 2053, PRINCETON NJ 08543-2053

Fictioneer Books, Ltd.

  SUITE 301, 234 FIFTH AVE, NEW YORK NY 10001

Fisher Space Pen Co.


  company website

Fleer/SkyBox International

  , MT LAUREL NJ 08054

    See U.S. distributor for Panini S.p.A.


    See Bantam
    See Berkley Publishing Group
Library edition hardcovers of children's novels.
tomart title edition format author date isbn cover price
Galaxy of Fear book 3: Planet Plague buy at [library binding] hc John Whitman 0329057200  
SW ROS PhotoComic buy at hc 0329642297  
SW ANH PhotoComic buy at [library binding] hc 2008 0329653217  
SW Last of the Jedi: Reckoning buy at [library binding] hc Jude Watson 2008 0329657178  
Rite of Passage buy at [library binding] hc 1415503393  
SW ROS PhotoComic buy at [library binding] hc 9780329642297  
SW Omnibus: TOJ Volume 1 buy at [library binding] hc 2007 9780329642303  
SW ESB PhotoComic buy at [library binding] hc 9780329646967  
SW CW Adventures: vol. 10 buy at [library binding] hc 9780329648404  
SW KOTOR: vol. 3, Days of Fear, Nights of Anger buy at [library binding] hc 9780329656751  
SW Legacy: vol. 2, Shards buy at [library binding] hc 9780329656844  
SW The Force Unleashed buy at [library binding] hc 9780329658229  
SW: The Force Unleashed [Dark Horse TPB] buy at [library binding] hc 9780329658229  
SW Dark Times: vol. 2, Parallels buy at [library binding] hc 9780329663094  
SW Omnibus: "Early Victories" buy at [library binding] hc 2009 9780329682798  
SW Rebellion: vol. 3, Small Victories buy at [library binding] hc 9780329682934  
SW KOTOR: vol. 4, Daze of Hate, Knights of Suffering buy at [library binding] hc 9780329685089  
SW TCW: Ambush buy at [library binding] hc Zachary Rau 9780329698423  
SW Rebel Force: Hostage buy at [library binding] hc Alex Wheeler 9780329702403  
SW Vector: vol. 1 buy at [library binding] hc 9780329702458  
SW KOTOR: vol. 6, Vindication buy at [library binding] hc 9780329713836  
SW TCW: The Battle for Ryloth buy at [library binding] hc 9780329716417  
SW Adventures: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of Khorva buy at [library binding] hc 2009 9780329718640  
SW Vector: vol. 2 buy at [library binding] hc 9780329720360  
SW Adventures: Princess Leia and the Royal Ransom buy at [library binding] hc 9780329725891  
SW Omnibus: Menace Revealed buy at [library binding] hc 2009 9780329725907  
SW Rebel Force: Firefight buy at [library binding] hc Alex Wheeler 9780329730635  
SW KOTOR: vol. 7, Dueling Ambitions buy at [library binding] hc 9780329747411  
SW Rebel Force: Trapped buy at [library binding] hc Alex Wheeler 9780329750275  
SW Omnibus: SOE buy at [library binding] hc 9780329762728  
SW KOTOR: vol. 8, Destroyer buy at [library binding] hc 9780329762735  
SW Adventures: Luke Skywalker and the Treasure of the Dragonsnakes buy at [library binding] hc 9780329763855  
TCW: Slaves of the Republic buy at [library binding] hc 2009 9780329767628  
SW Rebel Force: Uprising buy at [library binding] hc Alex Wheeler 9780329769000  
SW Adventures in Hyperspace: Fire Ring Race buy at [library binding] hc Ryder Windham 2010 9780329769024  
SW Adventures in Hyperspace: Shinbone Showdown buy at [library binding] hc Ryder Windham 9780329769031  
SW Legacy: vol. 8, Tatooine buy at [library binding] hc 9780329771102  
SW Omnibus: Boba Fett buy at [library binding] hc 9780329772673  
SW Dark Times: vol. 4, Blue Harvest buy at [library binding] hc 9780329772680  
SW TCW [Secret Missions #2]: Curse of the Black Hole Pirates buy at [library binding] hc Ryder Windham 2010 9780329773816  
SW Invasion 1: Refugees buy at [library binding] hc 9780329780302  
SW Invasion 2: asdf buy at [library binding] hc 9780329780xxx  
SW Legacy: vol. 9, Monster buy at [library binding] hc 9780329787882  
SW Adventures: The Will of Darth Vader buy at [library binding] hc 9780329792305  
SW TCW: Hero of the Confederacy buy at [library binding] hc 9780329805081  
SW Omnibus: A Long Time Ago‚Ķ Volume 2 buy at [library binding] hc 9780329809492  
SW TCW [Secret Missions #3]: Duel at Shattered Rick buy at [library binding] hc Ryder Windham 2010 9780329815523  
SW Omnibus: Quinlan Vos: Jedi in Darkness buy at [library binding] hc 9780329825447  
SW TCW: Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju buy at [library binding] hc 9780329825454  
SW Legacy: vol. 10, Extremes buy at [library binding] hc 2011 9780329848569  
SW TOR vol.2: Threat of Peace buy at [library binding] hc 9780329859923  
LEGO SW: Darth Maul's Mission buy at [library binding] hc Ace Landers 9780329877132  
SW Knight Errant: Aflame buy at [library binding] hc 9780329890704  
SW Adventures: Chewbacca and the Slavers of the Shadowlands buy at [library binding] hc 9780329897758  
SW Invasion 3: Revelations buy at [library binding] hc 9780329932619  
SW Boba Fett: Maze of Deception buy at [library binding] hc Elizabeth Hand 9781404666764  
SW Boba Fett: Hunted buy at [library binding] hc Elizabeth Hand 9781413154863  
SW Dark Empire 1 TPB buy at [library binding] hc 9781415503294  
SW Boba Fett: A New Threat buy at [library binding] hc Elizabeth Hand 9781415517239  
SW Empire: vol. 5, The Imperial Perspective buy at [library binding] hc 9781415568248  
SW Boba Fett: Pursuit buy at [library binding] hc Elizabeth Hand 9781415570166  
SW CW: vol. 6, On the Fields of Battle buy at [library binding] hc 9781415611210  
SW Dark Times: vol. 1, The Path to Nowhere buy at [library binding] hc 9781428754881  
SW The Last of the Jedi: Against the Empire buy at [library binding] hc Jude Watson 9781428756748  
SW Last of the Jedi: Against the Empire buy at [library binding] hc Jude Watson 2007 9781428756748  
SW CW Adventures: vol. 9 buy at [library binding] hc 9781428765306  
SW Last of the Jedi: Master of Deception buy at [library binding] hc Jude Watson 2008 9781428771949  


  (800) 449-3056

  company website


Fox Fanfare Music, Inc.

sheet music

Fox Home Video

    See U.K. distributor for CBS/FOX Video

FoxVideo, Inc.


   distributor for CBS/FOX Video, 1991-

FPG, Inc.

tomart title edition format author date isbn cover price
SW and Drew buy at pb Drew Struzan 1999 1578880114  
SW and Drew buy at hc Drew Struzan 1999 1578880122  
The Art of Dave Dorman buy at pb Smith and Hines 1996-12 1887569375 $24.95

Franco Manuf. Co. Inc.


The Franklin Mint



  NEW YORK NY 10018

   a division of Central Mills, Inc.

Fresh Caps Ltd.

  HOPKINS MN, (612) 939-4900

   a Drew Pearson Company

   some manufactured by KC Caps

baseball caps

Samuel French Trade


Skywalking: the Life and Films of George Lucas by Dale Pollock
pb 0-517-54677-9 1983
pb [Ballantine Books?] 0-345-31419-0 1984?
pb 0-573-60606-4 1990
[updated edition] 0-573-60606-4 1997 $14.95


Fruit of the Loom

  company website

Children's underwear, 1999-05 unless noted. Each style came in several sizes.


   division of CPG Products Corp.,
subsidiary of General Mills, Inc.

    See see Craftmaster
see MPC


   division of CPG Products Corp.,

  Mt. Clemens, MI 48045


   division of General Mills Fun Group, Inc.

    See see Craftmaster
see MPC

Funko, LLC

  SUITE 103, 18916 N CREEK PKY, BOTHELL WA 98011

  company website

Fun Products International Ltd


Fun Works


Children's books



    See also see Random House Publishers


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