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Kentucky Fried Chicken

   (a child company of Pepsico, Inc.)

1983 PUERTO RICO PROMOTIONS: plastic tumblers

Tomart #plastic tumblers, 1983
CU0070Han, Leia, & Chewie at Endor bunker
CU0071biker scouts
CU0072Ackbar in cockpit
CU0073ERG at elevator
CU0074skiff & sail barge
CU0075Jabba, Fortuna, & guard
CU0076heroes on skiff
CU0077lightsaber duel
CU0078Jerjerrod in control room
CU0081Ackbar, droids, Luke, etc.

1997 U.S. PROMOTIONS (Hawaii only, 1997-02)

1997 U.K. PROMOTIONS: toys

Tomart #toys, 1997
FO6256Vader spinner
FO6254death star shooter
FO6253X-wing & TIE spinner
food service materials
FO6260kid's meal box

1999 U.S. PROMOTIONS, Naboo motif throughout

1999 promotions, Australia, tagline "We've got something good to share"

1999 promotions, New Zealand & other Pacific islands, tagline "We've got something good to share"

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