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Taco Bell Corp.

  IRVINE CA 92814

   (formerly a child company of Pepsico, Inc.)

    See also see Tricon Global Restaurants

  • 1997 U.S.A. Inter-Galactic Draw sweepstakes materials
    Tomart #1997 Inter-Galactic Draw materials
    13x21" counter card with pad of entry forms
    13x21" countertop poster
    SZ9029Yoda window cling
    SZ9030"WIN..." 10x10" window cling
    "win..." 5x5" menu sticker
    "collect one now" counter card with bubble display
    "collect one now" 4x4" menu sticker
    "win these..." poster
    SZ9025dyard sign

  • 1999-05 in-store promotions, all related to Tatooine
  • TPM posters offer, 1999-07
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