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20th Century-Fox Film Corp.

  company website www.foxmovies.com

    See see Ken Films

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc.

  company website www.foxhome.com

    See also see CBS/FOX Video

20th Century-Fox Record Corp.

formerly 20th Century Records,

   a subsidiary of 20th Century-Fox Film Corp.

records and tapes

20th Century-Fox Video

    See see CBS/FOX Video

2N Enterprise

3D Arts

3 Day Blinds

  company website tinyurl.com/7u8dw

All blinds are sold in custom width & height

3M Consumer Healthcare

Aardvark-Vanaheim Press


Star Wars: A Collection of Ten Prints by Gene Day; signed by the artist and numbered; SRP $8.00, 1977. This portfolio was apparently unauthorized, and only 250 or so were produced before Lucas stopped them. Gene Day went on to draw many SW comic books for Marvel Comics.

ABDO Publishing Group

  8000 W 78TH ST, EDINA MN 55439

    See Spotlight

ABG Accessories


Children's clothing

Harry N. Abrams

  company website www.abramsbooks.com

   A Times Mirror Company

tomart title edition format author date isbn cover price
Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas buy at Amazon.com hc Bob Carrau 1993 08109 $19.95
BO3550 George Lucas: The Creative Impulse: Lucasfilm's First Twenty Years buy at Amazon.com hc Charles Champlin 1992 0810935463  
BO3555 George Lucas: The Creative Impulse: Lucasfilm's First 25 Years buy at Amazon.com revised and expanded edition hc Charles Champlin 1997-10 0810935805  
Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas buy at Amazon.com second edition hc Bob Carrau 1996-05 0810981394 $9.95

Accessory Network

    See Animations

Accessory Zone

  350 FIFTH AVE, NEW YORK NY 10118

Acme Archives Ltd.

  7575 SAN FERNANDO RD, BURBANK CA 91505, (818)252-1500

  company website www.acmearchivesdirect.com

hand-painted original animation art

limited edition animation art

Action Performance Companies, Inc.

    See aka Action Racing Collectibles, Inc.
    See aka Action Collectibles
NASCAR / Pepsi / Jeff Gordon racing collectibles, 1999-05, NOTE: I haven't seen these items in person, and they are described in so many different ways, some items on this list are probably referring to the same product.

Adam Joseph Industries, Inc.

  San Francisco, CA 94103

Added Extras, LLC

  1400 BROADWAY, NEW YORK NY 10013


Kurt S. Adler


    See distributed by General Mills, Inc.
sticker, approx. 3.25" x 4.125", free prize in breakfast cereal box; total 16 different stickers. These stickers are fairly large (in fact the largest SW stickers of all). The SW logo is presented with "STAR" along one side and "WARS" along another, and the picture occupies the rest of the sticker. Each subset of four stickers has the SW logo in a different color. hang glider, 1979; thin cardboard, "glides" down a taut thread; one free in each box of Trix and Lucky Charms breakfast cereals

Advanced Graphics One

  447 E CHANNEL RD, BENICIA CA 94510; 800-488-4144

  company website www.advancedgraphics.com

a. h. prismatic ltd.

  new england house, brighton bn1 4gh, u.k.

  suite d, 1175 chess dr, foster city ca 94404


  company website http://tinyurl.com/7rxny

Allnut Publishing

tomart title edition format author date isbn cover price
Unlocking the Mystery of the Force buy at Amazon.com pb Frank Allnut 1983 0934374023 $2.95
Unlocking the Mystery of the Force buy at Amazon.com pb Frank Allnut 1999 0934374082  
Unlocking the Mystery of the Force buy at Amazon.com pb Frank Allnut 1999 0934374104  

Allstate Cans

decorative tin containers, 1999


    See see Hallmark Cards

American Can Co.

American Covers

  P O BOX 987, DRAPER UT 84020

  company website www.americancovers.com

American Marketing Enterprises, Inc.

  10 WEST 33RD STREET, NEW YORK NY 10001; (212) 279-3600

American Premium Corp.

   distributed by General Mills, Inc.

cards, 3.25 x 4.5", thick shiny paper; one card free in breakfast cereal (as below); complete set of 18 cards and plastic wallet available by mail order; 1979.
  1. Deep in the Rebel base our heroes prepare to fight the dreaded Death Star.
  2. Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2)... lost on Tatooine as he searches for Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader...their light sabers drawn prepare to duel to the death.
  4. R2-D2 and C-3PO...aboard the Rebel Starship listening to the Stormtroopers attack.
  5. Han Solo and Chewbacca...shooting it out with their laser weapons against the Stormtroopers.
  6. See-Threepio (C-3PO) shows Luke where Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) may have gone.
  7. One of the Sandpeople about to strike with his gaffi stick.
  8. Ben Kenobi and Luke...gazing at Mos Eisley spaceport where they hope to find a spaceship to take them to Alderaan.
  9. Luke's X-wing fighter...under attack by one of Lord Vader's deadly TIE fighters.
  10. Luke Skywalker...is about to begin his search for the missing droid, R2-D2.
  11. Han Solo...heroic spacepirate and pilot, battling imperial Stormtroopers.
  12. Luke Skywalker...hero of the revolt against the Empire.
  13. Princess Leia Organa...leader of the Rebel forces captured by Darth Vader and imprisoned on Death Star.
  14. A Rebel Squadron...flashing by as they make their attack run on Death Star.
  15. Lord Darth Vader...Dark Lord of the Sith.
  16. Imperial Stormtroopers...nearly invulnerable soldiers of the Empire, firing a laser weapon.
  17. The Jawas spruce up their robot collection for sale, ignoring R2-D2.
  18. Princess Leia and C-3P0...watching progress of the Rebels' battle vs. Death Star.

American Publishing Corp.


American Telecommunications Corp.

   A COMDIAL Company


American Toy and Furniture Co., Inc.



  company website amuletbooks

tomart title edition format author date isbn cover price
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda buy at Amazon.com hc Tom Angleberger 2010 9780810984257 $12.95

Anagram International Inc.

  7700 ANAGRAM DR, EDEN PRAIRIE MN 55344; (800) 262-6303, (612) 949-5665

mylar balloons, 1999-05 TPM unless noted

Andrews & McNeel

   a Universal Press Syndicate Company


Animal Magic BV

Comic Images

"Footzeez" terry plush, 2011-10

Animated Animations

  company website www.animatedanimations.com

Art prints based on Tsuneo Sanda artwork:


  350 FIFTH AVE, NEW YORK NY 10018

  company website www.animationsbrands.com

Socks, 2009-04.

All following items released 2005-05 unless noted. All 2007-05 Target items available in two designs: Vader and Yoda. All 2008-05 Target items available in three designs: Chewie, Vader, and Yoda. 2008-05 Target items available in several designs including: Fett, Chewie, Vader, and Yoda.

Antioch Publishing Co.

Antique Trader Books

  P O BOX 1050, DUBUQUE IA 52004-1050; (800) 334-7165

Apogee Books




vinyl/plastic/metal models

Arista Records, Inc.

  6 West 57th St., New York, NY 10019

   a Bortelsmann Music Group Co.

sound recordings

Artbox Entertainment

ATA Boy, Inc.

  1645 N VINE #605, HOLLYWOOD CA 90028, (323) 462-1300

magnets, 2x3", 1997 unless noted otherwise



   a division of Cullman Ventures Inc.

ATARI Games Inc.


computer software: versions of arcade games for home computers



electronic video arcade games


  1 bis rue de Valmy, 93100 Montreuil sous bois, France; 01-48-70-03-13

  company website www.attakus.com

high-quality statuettes. Only 1200 of each produced.

Authentic Images


    See see Clock-Wise


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