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Landmark General

Larami Ltd.

   A Subsidiary of Hasbro

  MT LAUREL NJ 08054; (800) 669-TOYS

LeapFrog Enterprises

The Leathershop, Inc.

Lee Byron Corp.

    See see Lee Co.

Lee Co.

   division of Lee Byron Corp.

Leewards Creative Crafts, Inc.

  ELGIN IL 60120

Legends in 3 Dimensions

high-detail realistic display items in cold-cast porcelain from original sculptures by Mark Aronowitz (unless noted otherwise) LEGO

Liebhardt, Inc.

  P O BOX 249, MIDDLETOWN IN 47356





beverage packaging, 2012-01 unless noted

Liquid Blue


Little, Brown, and Co.

tomart title edition format author date isbn cover price
The Unauthorized SW Compendium: The complete guide to the movies, comic books, novels, and more buy at pb Ted Edwards 1999 0316329290 $18.00
BO6565 The Rebel Alliance: Ships of the Fleet buy at [pop-up book] hc Bill Smith 1996-04 0316535095 $15.95
BO6566 The Galactic Empire: Ships of the Fleet buy at [pop-up book] hc Bill Smith 1996-04 0316535109 $15.95
BO6560 The Mos Eisley Cantina Pop-Up Book buy at [with lights, sound, and music] hc Anderson & Moesta 1995-10 0316535117 $19.95
BO6561 Jabba's Palace Pop-Up Book buy at hc Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta and Ralph McQuarrie 1996-09 0316535133 $29.95
BO6571 The Millennium Falcon 3-D Excitement on Every Page! buy at [pop-up book] hc John Whitman 1997-02 0316735913 $14.95
BO6570 The Death Star buy at [pop-up book] hc John Whitman 1997-02 0316735921  


publisher (outside the U.S.) LucasArts

Lucasfilm Fan Club

    See see The Fan Club, Inc.

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