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Foreign Mini-Film Frames Images

Here are two of the Spanish frames, showing a typical front (L) and a back (R). Note the SpEd logo in Spanish ("Trilogia la Guerra de los Galaxias") on the front, and the ROJ logo on the back, also in Spanish. The numbering is without oval, and is one or two digits. There are no snack food logos on the front of the Spanish Frames. The Spanish Frames say "Mini Films", as opposed to the "Movie Shots" like the Holland and Belgium sets do. There appear to be 50 Frames in the Spanish set.

Here we see Frame #2, "Jawas Open fire on R2-D2", which is also the same image as original 1977 Topps SW trading card #16, plus Frames Indonesia 004, Holland 2, and Belgium 2. On the flip (R) is the Matutano logo and one of the three SW film logos in Spanish. The Frame pictured is "Lando and Nien Nunb in the Falcon", and is the same as Topps 1983 ROJ card #123, and the same as no other film frames.

Here are four of the Indonesian frames, showing a typical fronts (top) and backs (bottom). Note the SpEd logo in English on the front, and the SW/ESB (ROJ not shown) logos with the Indofood Frito-Lay logo on the back. The numbering is in an oval on the front, and is three digits, a characteristic unique to the Indonesian set. Note the two different snack food logo possibilities, Chiki Snack/Cheetos (top L) or Jetz/Chitato (top R). There appear to be 100 frames in the Indonesian set. They say neither "Mini Film" like the Spanish frames, or "Movie Shot" like Holland and Belgium products. Also unique to the Indonesian Frames is the name of the character is in tiny print on the front to the right of the image.

Here we see Frame #021, "For Luck" (top L), which is not seen an any Topps card or other Film Frame. This is surprising since it is a commonly seen SW saga image otherwise. At the top R, we have "C-3PO on Tatooine" which is the same as 1977 Topps SW card #153, and is also unseen elsewhere in the Film Frames series.

Bottom L is #023, "Ben with his lighsaber ready" and is the same as 1977 Topps card #99, and is still another unique film frame. Finally, the bottom R is "Luke on a tauntaun" and is the same as 1980 Topps ESB card #326 and Holland Mini Film #16.

The Holland and Belgium sets are almost impossible to distinguish from each other. The Holland set appears to be on thicker plastic. Examples for Holland are on top, and from Belgium below them. Both contain the SpEd logo (in English) in its now familiar spot on the upper left, a "Movie Shot" logo where the "Mini Films" logo was on the Spanish frames, and a one or two digit number (no oval), all on the front. On the flip is one of the three SW film logos and the Smith's logo. These sets appear to contain 50 frames each.

To illustrate the point, I have shown the same image ("Tusken Raider") in both its Holland and Belgium variations. This image is seen on card #21 of the original 1977 Topps SW card set. On the Holland set (top L) it is Frame #8, and on the Belgium set (Botton L) it is Frame #7. The image also happens to be Indonesia #012 and Spain #8! Aside from the numbering difference, the Holland and Belgium versions of the Frame "Tusken Raider" are identical in every respect. This is true of most, if not all, of the Frames in the Holland and Belgium sets.

The Frame shown in the upper right is the back of Holland #39, aka "Jabba, Bib, C-3PO, Leia (Dancer)", which is the same as 1983 Topps ROJ card #32, and Belgium Movie Shot #44. The Belgium Frame shown on the lower right is #3, "Stormtroopers on Dewbacks (SpEd)", which is the same image as 1997 Topps SpEd Widevision card #2, and the same as Mini Frames Indonesia #009, Holland #3, and Spain #4.

These frames are all shown slightly larger than actual size. Adding confusion and/or interest, the image selection and numbering of the Holland and Spain sets appears to be identical.

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