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Foreign Mini-Film Frames

This is guide to the Mini-Frames produced internationally to celebrate the 1997 release of the Star Wars Special Editions in Holland, Belgium, Spain, Indonesia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The frames were offered as a giveaway premium with various snack foods. Each frame measures about 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches high. They are printed on thin plastic, very similar to the Film Frames packaged with Hasbro/Kenner POTF2 action figures, but without the cardboard holder that would enable one to use these in a slide projector. The frames were also sold in North America by the Star Wars Fan Club's magazine, "Star Wars Insider". Since the Insider only offered random packets of frames from the four European countries (rather than full sets), sets are very hard to assemble in the U.S. This list is therefore not quite complete. The author of this page requests and welcomes additions so that the list may be completed.

The Indonesian frames are the easiest to identify. Each frame contains a three-digit number in an oval (001), etc. There appear to be 100 frames in the set. To the left of the image is the SpEd logo and two snack food logos: either Chiki Snack and Cheetos or Chitatos and Jet-Z. The name of the character(s) shown in the frame is printed in tiny print to the right of the image. On the backside is the logo of one of the SW films and the Indofood Frito-Lay logo. See Indofood for a checklist.

The Puerto Rico frames are equally easy to identify. There are 40 frames in the set. To the left of the image on the front is the SpEd logo and the frame number; on back are the Pelis and Frito-Lay logos. See Frito-Lay Puerto Rico for a checklist.

The Spanish frames also contain the SpEd logo, but in Spanish ("Trilogia la Guerra de los Galaxias"). The numbering is without oval, and is one or two digits. There are no snack food logos, but there is a "Mini Films" logo instead. No text on the right. On the flip is the Matutano logo and one of the three SW film logos in Spanish. There appear to be 50 frames in this set. See Matutano for a checklist.

The Holland and Belgium sets are quite difficult to distinguish from each other, and are also similar to the Spanish frames. The Holland frames are made of slightly thicker plastic than the Belgians, but unless you carry a micrometer to trading sessions, this info doesn't do you much good. The Dutch frames have square "sprocket holes" across the top and bottom, while the Belgian "holes" are distinctly rectangular (tall and skinny rather than square). Both contain the SpEd logo (in English) in its now familiar spot on the upper left, a "Movie Shot" logo where the "Mini Films" logo was on the Spanish frames, and a one or two digit number (no oval). On the flip is one of the three SW film logos and the Smith's logo. These sets appear to contain 50 frames each. See Smiths Food Group (Holland) for a Holland checklist. See Smiths (Belgium) for a Belgium checklist.

The author of this page has extras of the following Belgium frames and will trade them one-for-one for ANY frames NOT currently on the list: 22, 24, 28, 42, 50.

Please send updates, clarifications, additions, money, Yak Faces, or corrections to: Tydirium@suba.com

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